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HTML 101

Test your HTML skill levels with this quiz.


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Category:Technology > Computers
Created By:brainster


#1   HTML stands for:

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#2   Which internationally recognized institution is responsible for formulating specifications, guidelines, software and tools to realize the Web to its full potential?

#3   The entire structure of HTML is based on certain keywords enclosed in < > brackets. These are called:

#4   How many different heading styles are available to use by default in HTML?

#5   An HTML document starts with <BODY> and ends with </BODY>.

#6   If you need to accept a password field from the user and would like asterisk signs to be displayed instead of the actual password which type of input box should you use?

#7   It is possible to have a single image linking to multiple pages depending on where you click on the image.

#8   If you'd like the heading and the menu of your web page to remain fixed in position while only the body moves, the concept that you need to implement would be -

#9   To draw a line at any point on your web page, use this tag:

#10   To add scrolling text to your web page, HTML provides a quick and easy tag. It is called:




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