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Do you know all about triangles?


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#1   What is a triangle called when all 3 sides are different lengths?

#2   What is a triangle that has 3 congruent sides called? (Congruent means the same length)

#3   What is a triangle that has 2 congruent sides called?

#4   What is a triangle that has a 90 degree angle called?

#5   What is a triangle that has an angle that is more than 90 degrees called?

#6   What kind of triangle has three angles that each measure less than 90 degrees?

#7   How many degrees do all the angles in a triangle add up to?

#8   The longest side of a right triangle is called the ________.

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#9   The 2 shorter sides of a right triangle are called the ______.

#10   All the angles of an equilateral triangle are 70 degrees.




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