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FOTF-RT-Legend of Squanto

This is about the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre production of 'The Legend of Squanto'. The show may not be completely historically accurate.


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#1   What's the first line of the production? (Not counting the Host's opening.)

#2   'The Legend of Squanto' is narrated by who?

#3   Who plays Squanto?

#4   What was Squanto's original name?

#5   What other language besides English does Squanto speak?

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#6   What is the name of the priest who saved Squanto from slavery?

#7   When told that God saved him from his sins, he says that God only sent His son to die for whom?

#8   When put into English clothes, Squanto complained that he had "slept on ____ that was not as annoying"?

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#9   When, at the marketplace, Mr. Larson insists that the English-speaking Squanto speak to him, what does Squanto finally say?

#10   Which Indian first approached the English at Plymouth?

#11   In the scene where Samoset and Squanto are hiding and watching the Pilgrims hold a funeral, what's the name of the child that is buried?

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#12   Who wrote the music for 'The Legend of Squanto'? (full or last name)

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#13   What's the last line of the production? (Not counting the Host's close.)




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