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Cartoon Character Quotes and Catch Phrases I

Can you guess the characters these quotes were said by or the catch phrases they are known for? For some, this will bring back fond memories. For others, lots of funny quotes and catch phrases are waiting for you here. I'll give you the quote or the catch phrase. Can you pick the correct character from the multiple choice answers? Have fun and good luck!


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Category:Television > Children's Shows
Created By:froggygg


#1   What awkward, silly character is best known for saying, "Well, whaddya know..."?

#2   With or without his can of greens, this character is well known for saying, "I yam what I yam."

#3   Can you guess who is famous for saying, "What's up Doc?"

#4   Do you have any idea what barnyard character said, "That's a joke ... I say, that's a joke, son"?

#5   If you can ignore the smell, can you tell me who said, "Ah, my little darling, it is love at first sight, is it not, no?"

#6   This speeding character is known for only these limited words, "Beep-Beep." (Sounds like "mheep-mheep")

#7   This spacey character is known for saying, "Oh goody! Another Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator! Isn't that lovely? Now we can blow up the Earth!"

#8   If you are a spaced-out backseat driver, you should recognize the character that says, "Jane! Stop this crazy thing!"

#9   When not running from an assortment of monsters, this character is known for saying, "Zoinks!"

#10   Although his name sounds like he should live on a farm, this character is known for saying, "You know what I am? I'm a dust magnet!"




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