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Cartoon Character Quotes and Catch Phrases IV

Can you guess the characters these quotes were said by or the catch phrases they are known for? For some, this will bring back fond memories. For others, lots of funny quotes and catch phrases are waiting for you here. I'll give you the quote or the catch phrase. Can you pick the correct character from the multiple choice answers? Have fun and good luck!


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Category:Television > Children's Shows
Created By:froggygg


#1   Do you know the name of the tiny, brown chicken hawk who says, "I want chicken", while chasing after many different animals thinking they are chickens?

#2   This zippy little character who usually wears an oversized sombrero, is known for his accent when he says, "Undalay! Undalay! Arriba! Arriba!" (Can also be spelled "Andale! Andale!", Spanish for Up! Move!)

#3   Do you know what feline character is known for the catch phrase, "Heavens to Murgatroyd"?

#4   This high flying, crime stopping character is best known for saying, "Up, up and away!"

#5   Can you guess the name of the young male character who is well known for saying, "Don't have a cow, man"?

#6   "Giggity giggity giggity", is said by what family man?

#7   Do you know the name of the sidekick who is known for exclaiming, "Holy ___, Batman"? (The blank is where the name of the particular villain which was in that episode would go.)

#8   This mechanical-minded character often says, "Wowsers!"

#9   This porous, yellow character is known for saying, "I'm ready!"

#10   She has a thick "Pottsylvanian" accent when she says, "Dollink". ("Pottsylvanian" is a mock Russian accent.)




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