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Test Your Mettle

See how much you know about metals and their alloys.


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Category:Science > Chemistry
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#1   Brass is primarily an alloy of which 2 metals?

#2   Brass doorknobs disinfect themselves of many bacteria within eight hours.

#3   Bronze is often used in sculpture, and is an alloy made up chiefly of which two metals?

#4   Bronze develops a patina but does not oxidize beneath the surface.

#5   14 karat gold is pure gold.

#6   Gold is the most malleable metal.

#7   Ordinary steel is an alloy of iron and what other element?

#8   Stainless steel contains a minimum of 10.5% ________.

#9   Pewter is an alloy made up mainly of which two elements?

#10   Low grade pewter, once used in dinnerware, contained what toxic element?




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