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Pokemon: Sinnoh Region

How much do you know about this addictive game?


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#1   In "Pokemon Diamond", can you catch the legendary Pokemon Palkia?

#2   What does Staravia evolve into?

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#3   On what handheld gaming device is "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl" played?

#4   Is Turtwig's next evolution Torterra?

#5   What is the fire starter Pokemon in "Diamond and Pearl"?

#6   Who is the leader of the Sunyshore Gym?

#7   Do you get Riolu by evolving Lucario?

#8   How does Onix evolve?

#9   You can only get Regigigas by catching Regirock, Registeel, and Regice first.

#10   Was Magmortar added in Pokemon "Diamond and Pearl"?




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