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Crash Bandicoot

How much do you know about the game "Crash Bandicoot" (the original version, also known as "Crash Bandicoot I")?


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Created By:shenqiang


#1   What company created "Crash Bandicoot"?

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#2   In what year was the original "Crash Bandicoot" released?

#3   How many levels does "Crash Bandicoot" have?

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#4   How many coloured gems are there in "Crash Bandicoot"?

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#5   What is the very first enemy you see in "Crash Bandicoot"?

#6   What coloured gem requires another coloured gem to get in "Crash Bandicoot"?

#7   How many gems and keys, in total, are there in "Crash Bandicoot"?

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#8   Which one of the following bosses has the most vital points in "Crash Bandicoot"?

#9   What level has the same theme as the level "Temple Ruins" in "Crash Bandicoot"?

#10   If you beat the game by collecting all gems and going through "The Great Hall", in the ending you see Crash and Tawna riding a bird. You also encounter this bird in a certain level as a "friendly enemy". What level is it?




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