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Do You Have This Phobia? IX

How well do you know the names for the phobias that almost everyone has one or more of? Watch for the clues!


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#1   If you have Nephophobia, you might not enjoy a lazy afternoon spent looking up and seeing what different things you can find or visualize.

#2   If you have Olfactophobia, you might not like perfume, flowers, fresh cut grass or anything scented.

#3   If you have Ommetaphobia or Ommatophobia, you might feel as if you are always being watched and probably avoid looking directly at anyone's face.

#4   If you have Oneirophobia, you probably do not want these while you sleep or during the day while you rest.

#5   If you have Papyrophobia, you probably do not like to write, wrap gifts or cover your walls with this instead of paint.

#6   If you have Peladophobia, you probably do not like Yul Brynner, Telly Savalas, Uncle Fester, Patrick Stewart, Ron Howard, Bruce Willis or Stone Cold Steve Austin.

#7   If you have Phasmophobia, you probably do not like Casper.

#8   If you have Pogonophobia, you might be afraid of Santa Claus.

#9   If you have Potamophobia, you probably do not go rafting on vacation.

#10   If you have Rhytiphobia, your best friend probably is your plastic surgeon and you might have every kind of cream available.




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