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Crash Bandicoot II

How much do you know about the game "Crash Bandicoot II", the second game in the Crash Bandicoot series?


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#1   In what year was "Crash Bandicoot II" released?

#2   What is the subtitle of "Crash Bandicoot II"?

#3   The storyline of "Crash Bandicoot II" directly follows that of "Crash Bandicoot".

#4   How many crystals and gems, in total, are there in "Crash Bandicoot II"?

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#5   What level has a second silver gem that requires all five colored gems to get?

#6   What level has two gems that are obtained through opposite methods?

#7   Which one of the following levels doesn't have a gem that requires Crash to run fast enough to get?

#8   What level has the most boxes in "Crash Bandicoot II"?

#9   Which one of the following levels doesn't have a secret exit that unlocks a portal in the Secret Warp Room?

#10   Crash Bandicoot always dies if he falls into a pit that doesn't have a visible bottom.




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