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Art History

Match the masterpiece(s) to the artist.


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#1   Which artist, known by his birthplace in Italy, painted David and Goliath, and Medusa?

#2   He painted The Creation of Man, a small fragment of the Sistine Chapel.

#3   Which Impressionist artist painted Waterlilies, and Rouen Cathedral (which was painted many times in different colors and times of the day)?

#4   Born in Wisconsin, this artist is best known for large paintings of desert flowers and scenery.

#5   Which artist is known for paintings containing mostly squares and rectangles?

#6   What is Michelangelo's last name?

#7   Which famous artist cut off his left ear after a disagreement with a friend?

#8   Which Spanish artist was the founder of the abstract movement in 20th-century, and painted such works as Guernica, painted as a representation of the bombing of Gernika in the Spanish Civil War?

#9   After being injured in a street car accident, this artist painted mostly self portraits that depicted the suffering and pain of women.

#10   Which artist is known for such paintings as The Kiss, The Beethoven Frieze, and Love?




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