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Monk, The TV Series

How well do you know the TV detective Monk?


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Fun:*** (2.68)
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Category:Television > Drama
Created By:Sunrose


#1   What is Monk's first name?

#2   After 2 seasons of working with Monk, the character Sharona Fleming left the show.

#3   Who is Monk's psychiatrist?

#4   Who plays Lieutenant Disher?

#5   Knowing that he is not as good of a detective as Monk often drives Captain Stottlemeyer crazy.

#6   The name of Monk's assistant in season 4 is Julia Teegar.

#7   In which episode was Monk wrong for the first time about who the murderer was?

#8   Monk has a brother named:

#9   Monk never married.

#10   Monk suffers from several different phobias.




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