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Cartoon and Animated Characters III

How well do you know your cartoon and animated characters from TV shows and movies? I'll give you a description. See if you can match it up with the correct name. For those characters who may not be well known, I have also included what cartoon, show, or movie they are from. Good luck and have fun!


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Category:Television > Children's Shows
Created By:froggygg


#1   This character seems to be very shy and withdrawn but is a very lovable character.

#2   This character's love broke a spell and transformed another back to his true self.

#3   This feathered character is well known for often wearing a sailor shirt and hat.

#4   This character is known for "falling" and meeting many strange characters.

#5   He is always making a park ranger angry when he steals picnic baskets from campers.

#6   This character is known for his use of many different objects.

#7   This character's nose knew that honesty is the best policy.

#8   This flying character can help others fly with a little help from a small bag of pixie dust.

#9   This young character is named after what he is known for doing and saying.

#10   This character's home is always falling down and he is always thanking others for noticing him.




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