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Cartoon and Animated Characters I

How well do you know your cartoon and animated characters from TV shows and movies? I'll give you a description. See if you can match it up with the correct name. For those characters who may not be well known, I have also included what cartoon, show, or movie they are from. Good luck and have fun!


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Created By:froggygg


#1   This long eared character loves to eat a certain orange vegetable that he is often seen with.

#2   This soft spoken character loves to eat honey.

#3   This lady has a lot of heart and loves to have heads cut off.

#4   This feline loves birds and is always trying to eat a caged one.

#5   This character's name is not what one would associate with this type of character (animal).

#6   This character is one of a group and he is the very tired one.

#7   This feline has a habit of appearing and disappearing very quickly before your eyes.

#8   This character seems to love the sea and eats a green leafy vegetable right out of the can when strength is needed.

#9   This dark and conniving character wants to control the entire domain in which she lives and uses far reaching methods to try to do so.

#10   This character can be very hypnotizing when he sets his sights on a possible meal.




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