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Cartoon and Animated Characters IV

How well do you know your cartoon and animated characters from TV shows and movies? I'll give you a description. See if you can match it up with the correct name. For those characters who may not be well known, I have also included what cartoon, show, or movie they are from. Good luck and have fun!


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Category:Television > Children's Shows
Created By:froggygg


#1   This little feathered character spends most of his time in a cage watching a lurking cat try to figure out ways to eat him.

#2   This character should own Acme Corporation as much as he uses their products in his constant attempts at catching another character.

#3   She is cute and cuddly and is Bamm-Bamm's best friend.

#4   This dog lives in a very advanced world and loves to go for walks that usually end up with this character sitting back and watching someone else do all the walking.

#5   This character goes through some very scary experiences in his search for a brain.

#6   This character uses vines to swing from tree to tree and can communicate with some animals.

#7   This character is a member of a group and seems to always be in a grouchy mood.

#8   This character travels on the sea, is afraid of the sound of a ticking clock, and is missing a body part.

#9   This conceited character wants to marry a beautiful woman and tries to kill his beastly competitor.

#10   This character flits about and is very jealous when the one she loves shows attention to another.




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