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Cartoon and Animated Characters V

How well do you know your cartoon and animated characters from TV shows and movies? I'll give you a description. See if you can match it up with the correct name. For those characters who may not be well known, I have also included what cartoon, show, or movie they are from. Good luck and have fun!


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#1   This character follows a specific color of road on her search to return to Kansas.

#2   This character has a habit of using his right hind foot to pound on the ground.

#3   This character's ears are so large that others make fun of him until it is discovered he can fly.

#4   This character's name reminds one of bees and periods of time.

#5   This character lives in a forest and has a friend named Thumper and a friend named Flower.

#6   Even though this character should be very courageous, he is afraid of almost everything until he realizes he has courage.

#7   This character was once handsome until a spell was cast on him. It took true love to break the spell.

#8   This character is known for his alter ego, a World War I Flying Ace, and for his battles with the Red Baron. He also spends lots of time on the roof of his house.

#9   This character once did not like a specific holiday and tried to stop it by stealing everything associated with it.

#10   This character is small but very combative and has set his sights on those who do not live where he does. His home is very, very far away.




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