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The Addams Family Fun Facts

How much do you know about The Addams Family television series which ran from 1964 to 1966?


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#1   The Addams family resided in a gloomy, gothic 19th century mansion located next to a swamp and a:

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#2   Morticia and Gomez remained passionate toward one another, and it drove Gomez crazy when Morticia spoke:

#3   Gomez loved to play destructively with his:

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#4   Morticia was able to light candles by:

#5   Gomez and Morticia had an eight year old daughter and a six year old son.

#6   What was the name of Wednesday's favorite toy?

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#7   Uncle Fester seemed to carry an electrical charge and could illuminate a light bulb by sticking it in his ear.

#8   Which Addams family member was remarkably athletic and could perform complicated calculations in his head, making a mechanical sound while doing so?

#9   Morticia was a witch who dealt in potions, spells and hexes of all kinds and even dabbled in fortune telling.

#10   What was the name of the disembodied hand, which often performed common, everyday tasks and always appeared out of a box or other convenient container throughout the mansion?

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#11   The Addams family had a tall, ghoulish manservant named Lurch. Morticia or Gomez would summon him by pulling on a hangman's noose bell pull, producing a crashing gong that shook the house. Lurch would instantly respond by saying:

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#12   Lurch was surprisingly skilled at playing the:

#13   What was the name of the relative who was short, had long hair that covered his entire body from his scalp to the floor, and spoke in a squeaky, high pitched gibberish language that only the family seemed to understand?

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#14   What was the name of Morticia's man eating plant?

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#15   Wednesday's pet, Homer, was a:

#16   Pugsley's pet, Aristotle, was:

#17   The Addams family's version of a cuckoo clock was a wolverine that popped out and growled the hours of the day.

#18   Morticia's favorite food was eye of newt.

#19   The Addams family's doorbell sounded like:

#20   Gomez almost always read his newspaper while:




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