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"Red Dwarf" - Locations

How well do you know where things happen to the "Boys from the Dwarf"?


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Created By:phrebh


#1   Lister and the Cat went after Rimmer and Kryten in "Backwards". Where did they find them?

#2   In "Marooned", what kind of planet did Lister and Rimmer get stuck on?

#3   In "Duct Soup", where was Kochanski when she was hitting the pipes for going "nurieek", "rotut", and "hernunger"?

#4   In "Terrorform", what aspect did the psi-moon take on?

#5   Lister figured out where Rimmer had hidden the crew's personality disks in "Confidence and Paranoia". Where were they?

#6   In "Stasis Leak", what hotel were future Lister and past Kochanski staying at after they got married?

#7   Rimmer is imprisoned for 1167 counts of second-degree murder in "Justice". Where is it impossible to commit any act of injustice?

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#8   In "Nanarchy", the dwarfers finally found the missing Red Dwarf. Where was it?

#9   In "Cassandra", where did the dwarfers find the future-seeing computer?

#10   What was the name of the pub where baby Lister was found?




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