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Bomberman Live

How much do you know about "Bomberman"?


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#1   What are the 8 colors the "Bomberman" character can be?

#2   What color do you play as in the mode "normal"?

#3   What type of bombs can go through normal bricks?

#4   There is an item called "full speed", which is equivalent to 8 speed ups. (Because 8 is the max number of speed ups, fire ups, and bomb ups.)

#5   What type of bomb allows you to blow it up by pressing the B button?

#6   How many types of bombs are in the game?

#7   Which of these is not an effect obtained by getting a skull?

#8   The skull is contagious.

#9   How many areas are in the normal mode?

#10   How many stages are in each area?

#11   How many stages are there in battle mode?

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#12   What does tiebreak do?

#13   What allows you to shoot out bombs after you die?




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