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Tennis Basics

Here are some simple questions about the game of tennis. How much do you know?


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#1   If you serve the ball and it whizzes right past your opponent, this is called ...

#2   If you have zero points in a game, what is this called?

#3   You are serving and you have scored 2 points. Your opponent has scored one point. What is the score?

#4   The net should be 36 inches high from post to post.

#5   What do you call it when the score is tied at 40-40?

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#6   What do you call a shot that goes way up in the air over your opponent's head?

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#7   What is a Grand Slam?

#8   Players are allowed 2 timeouts per match.

#9   Wimbledon is played on...

#10   What does "Tennis Elbow" describe?




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