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Microsoft Outlook 101

How much do you know about MS Outlook? Find out with this quiz. Note: This quiz deals with MS Outlook versions up to 2003 on MS Windows.


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#1   MS Outlook is an email client. It is used for the sole purpose of checking emails.

#2   You'd like each of the emails you sent to display your name and other details automatically at the end of the message. Which feature helps you to set this up?

#3   You want to be reminded of a certain task every Wednesday at 3:00 pm. How do you get Outlook to do this?

#4   You've used MS Word for several years, and you'd like Outlook to provide you the features that MS Word provides. Is this possible?

#5   All users in your organization use Outlook. You would like to email full details of a contact in your contacts list to one of your colleagues. What is the easiest way to do this?

#6   Which part of Outlook provides you with the functionality of a scratch pad, to jot down small bits of information instantly?

#7   Outlook provides the functionality to set up a meeting, invite people to the meeting, book resources for the meeting and track all information related to it.

#8   If you'd like Microsoft Outlook to keep track of which documents you've opened using any of the MS Office suite of products and when you've accessed them, you can use this feature:

#9   You'd like each email that arrives into your mailbox to be automatically sorted into folders depending on whom they are from. Which feature helps you do this?

#10   You'd like to send a particular email to 10 people. You do not want anyone in those 10 people to know who else received the email. You don't want to send 10 emails. What do you do?




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