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TimeSplitters 2

Take this quiz and see how much you know about Free Radical's game, Timesplitters 2.


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#1   What was the date of TimeSplitters 2's release?

#2   How many time crystals are there?

#3   In the first level, the Oblask dam, on easy, the time portal appears at the bottom of the secret research lab. In medium and hard difficulties, the level goes to places it didn't go to before. In medium and hard, where did the time portal appear?

#4   Which of the following characters is not available on multiplayer?

#5   Which of the following is not a weapon in TimeSplitters 2?

#6   In what year do Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart currently live?

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#7   Which of the following weapons does not have a secondary fire function?

#8   The members of Free Radical Design used to be members of Rare. Because GoldenEye 007 is one of the games that Rare created, TimeSplitters 2 contains many references to GoldenEye. Which of the following does TimeSplitters 2 not have in common with it?

#9   Which of the following is not a tile-set in the TimeSplitters 2 map-maker?

#10   Free Radical Design is known for their strange fascination for this animal. It is included as a character for multiplayer, and an enemy in single-player. What kind of animal is this?

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