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Bible Quiz #3: Genesis

This quiz deals with the chapters 18-23, including facts about the prominent people and what they accomplished.


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#1   When God visited Abraham and promised him that in one year he would have a son, what was Sarah's first reaction?

#2   When Abraham pleaded for Sodom, he continued reducing the number of righteous people in the city needed for Sodom's safety. What number did he stop at?

#3   What did the men of Sodom try to do to the angels that were sent to destroy the city?

#4   How did Lot's daughters ensure the continuation of their family when their husbands were killed at Sodom?

#5   How did Abraham cause harm to Abimelech?

#6   A year after God told Sarah she would have a son, what happened?

#7   When Sarah had her son, what did she do to Hagar?

#8   God forced Abraham to kill his only son, Isaac.

#9   What animal did God provide that would substitute the sacrifice of Isaac?

#10   When Sarah died, multiple people offered to give Abraham burial land. However, he refused them all and insisted on paying for it.




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