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"I Am" Sayings of Jesus

In one of the Gospels, Jesus uses seven metaphors that all start with "I am". While the metaphors are important on their own, it is interesting to note that each one can also be related to some aspect of His birth. (That is a hint.)


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#1   In which Gospel are the seven "I am" statements found?

#2   In what city was Jesus born? (Following each city is an approximate meaning of the name.)

#3   Jesus said, "I am the _____ of life."

#4   In the Old Testament, the city where Jesus was born had a different name which meant "fruitful".

#5   Jesus said, "I am the _____."

#6   Where was Jesus born?

#7   Jesus said, "I am the _____ for the sheep."

#8   Who were the first people to visit Jesus?

#9   Jesus said, "I am the good _____."

#10   How did the wise men from the east find Jesus?

#11   Jesus said, "I am the _____ of the world."

#12   What did King Herod do after the wise men left?

#13   Jesus said, "I am the _____."

#14   Jesus said, "I am _____."




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