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Asterix and Friends

Do you know all the inhabitants of the charming little village of Gaul? Test your knowledge here! Note: This quiz tests your knowledge of the characters' names as they appear in the English edition of Asterix Comics.


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#1   The tone deaf Bard of the village, who is usually tied up and gagged before any feast!

#2   Obelix's faithful pet with a mind of his own!

#3   The Druid who fixes the famous magic potion that gives the Gauls their unbeatable strength.

#4   Asterix's best friend who fell into a cauldron of magic potion when he was young and has never needed potion since.

#5   The blacksmith of the village, ready to bang Cacofonix on the head if he so much as attempts to sing!

#6   The chief of the village who is always transported by two shield bearers who carry him on the shield all over the village.

#7   The chief's matronly wife, who is proud of her status and does not lose an opportunity to flaunt it!

#8   The grand old man of the village whose main characteristic, besides being old, is having a beautiful young wife!

#9   The fishmonger of the village who sells fish of dubious quality.

#10   The fishmonger's wife who assists him in his shop.




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