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Flower Power

Think you know your garden? Well let's see what you know about gardens throughout the world.


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#1   The spice Saffron comes from crocus flowers.

#2   Tulip bulbs can be used as a substitute for onions in cooking.

#3   The Blue and White Lady Slipper is the state flower of Minnesota.

#4   The Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja linariaefolia) is the state flower of Texas.

#5   The Magnolia [blossom] is the state flower of Louisiana.

#6   The Peach [blossom] is the state flower of Delaware.

#7   There are a total of 1000 types of begonias throughout the world.

#8   The Titan Arum [Sumatran Calla Lily] is known around the world for its wonderful fragrance in relation to its small size.

#9   Wolffia are the world's smallest flowers.

#10   What flower was used in a nursery rhyme about the Bubonic Plague?

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