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Yummy 2

Can you guess what food item each "jingle" or slogan was made for?


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Created By:grilledcheese


#1   What product brand was this jingle made for: "______ makes the very best"?

#2   What gum was this jingle made for: "Kiss a little longer, hold tight a little longer, stay close a little longer, longer with ____ ____"?

#3   In this jingle, "Oh you need Fluff, Fluff, Fluff to make a Fluffernutter!" What is a "Fluffernutter"?

#4   What snack was this jingle made for: "What would you do for a ______ bar"?

#5   What coffee was this jingle made for: "The best part of waking up is _________ in your cup"?

#6   What sandwich place wants you to "eat fresh"?

#7   In the US, what snack was this slogan made for: "Once you pop, the fun don't stop"?

#8   Finish this line from a popular breakfast food: "Leggo my ______."

#9   What cereal was this jingle made for: "Show 'em you're a tiger, show 'em what you can do, the taste of Tony's _________, brings out the tiger in you, in you"?

#10   What candy was this jingle made for: "It's all in the mix"?




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