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Madden 08 Madden Cards

WARNING. This is Madden 08 cards, not anything else.


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Category:Entertainment > Video Games
Created By:steeler84


#1   Which Madden card makes your receiver increase its catching ability?

#2   This card doesn't let you get sacked.

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#3   The AFC Hall of Fame card has Bob Greise.

#4   How many tokens do you need to buy a set of Madden cards?

#5   The Lame Duck card does what?

#6   You can get a coach card more than 1 way.

#7   There are cards to pump up the crowd.

#8   This card gives you unlimited timeouts.

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#9   Which drill will get you a Brian Urlacher card?

#10   Why do they not make a Todd Boeckman card?

#11   Fumbilities makes your opponent fumble whenever he______________.

#12   The Human Plow increases the ability of whom?

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