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Do you know your facts about radium? All these questions relate to the most stable isotope of radium, radium 226.


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#1   During which year was radium first isolated?

#2   Radium was first isolated by Marie Curie and her brother Pierre Curie.

#3   Years ago, radium was used in luminescent paint. Why was the use of radium in paint discontinued?

#4   Radium is more deadly than barium.

#5   The number of protons in radium is equal to its electrons.

#6   Pure radium is a silvery white. Which color does it change into when it is exposed to air?

#7   Radium comes from radon.

#8   What is the atomic mass of radium rounded to the nearest thousandth?

#9   When mixed with water, radium becomes part of a compound.

#10   At 77 degrees Fahrenheit, is radium a solid, liquid, or gas?




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