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Hard Braingle Quiz

This is a quiz about Braingle.


Quiz ID:#9649
Fun:*** (2.27)
Difficulty:* (0.46)
Category:Technology > Internet
Created By:harrypotter4444


#1   Which of these is a game that can be played on Braingle?

#2   In the game "Food Fight", can you battle the principal?

#3   You can be invited to a talkbox.

#4   Can you play a game called "Code Breaker" on Braingle?

#5   You can try an art quiz on Braingle.

#6   To be a quizmaster you have to have no bad karma.

#7   If you are a member of Braingle and you take and rate a quiz, you receive a point.

#8   In what game do you have to break a code of numbers? (Hint: the object of the game is in the name.)

#9   If I submit a ___________ , I am fixing an error on someone's quiz or teaser.

#10   There is NOT a game called "Beanstalk".




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