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"Tim McGraw" Lyrics

Test your knowledge, not of Tim McGraw the artist, but of "Tim McGraw", the song by Taylor Swift.


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#1   Finish the lyric: "He said the way my ___ eyes shined put those Georgia ____ to shame that night."

#2   Finish the lyric: "And I was right there beside him all ___ long."

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#3   Finish the lyric: "But when you think __ ___."

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#4   This lyric is correct: "The moon light was a spotlight in the night."

#5   Finish the lyric: "When you think happiness, I hope you think that little black ___."

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#6   Finish the lyric: "In a box beneath my __, is a letter that you never ___."

#7   Finish the lyric: "It's hard not to find it all a little ___."

#8   This lyric is correct: "Think of my head on your chest, and my old faded blue jeans."

#9   Finish the lyric: "And I'm back for the ___ time since then."

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#10   Finish the lyric: "Someday you'll turn your ___ on, I hope it takes you back to that ___."




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