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Hindu Gods and Goddesses

One of the interesting traits of Hinduism is the vast variety of Gods and Goddesses. There are Gods that represent the stages of life, the elements of nature, and various such areas. Find out how much you know in this quiz.


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#1   The three main Gods who denote creation, maintenance and destruction in Hinduism are -

#2   The Goddess of knowledge is -

#3   Who is the God of health and medicine?

#4   Who is the monkey-faced God worshipped by Hindus for physical strength and courage?

#5   Who is Lord Shiva's and Goddess Parvati's son, the elephant-faced God whose worship is always first in any Hindu prayer?

#6   Who is the Goddess of wealth?

#7   Nine celestial objects are used in Hindu Astrology as well as worshipped with a common name. Collectively, they are called -

#8   What is Lord Shiva's transport?

#9   Lord Indra is the Lord of the Devas. His trusted transport is -

#10   What is the sacred animal in Hinduism, known as "Go-Matha"?




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