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Need beta testers for new puzzle game: Kakuro

Posted: 04:38PM Feb 20, 2018
Avatar for Jake JakeAusmod
Posts: 3429

Hi Braingle,

Ive created a new puzzle game for everyone to play and I need some beta testers. Here is the secret link:

Please let me know if you find any problems with this new game and let me know if you want to see more of these types of puzzle games in the future.

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Posted: 06:15PM Feb 20, 2018
Avatar for Radioguy RadioguyAusmod
Posts: 3525

The first thing I noticed is that the rules could be clarified to mention that the same number cannot repeat in a row or column, and that doesn't apply when rows or columns are split by empty space. But other than that, not bad so far. Never tried this puzzle, and it is fun.

Would like to see KenKen next.

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Posted: 05:20AM Feb 21, 2018
Avatar for Tilley Tilleyg
Wearer of Many Hats
Posts: 247

I haven't played Kakuro in ages, so it's nice to see the game again. I've played a couple of games, and haven't seen any problems in the game play itself so far.

I did notice some typos:

In the Play Kakuro screen:
Please select a difficult and start a puzzle.

In the instructions:
By listing out all the possible sums for each entry and comparing this to the other entires, you can find clues that will help you solve the puzzle.

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Posted: 08:08PM Feb 22, 2018
Avatar for Tilley Tilleyg
Wearer of Many Hats
Posts: 247

I may have found a bug.

It appears that "Easy" is the default level, and when I first played, the High Scores indicated I had played an "Easy" game.

Then I selected "Medium" and later "Hard".

Then I manually selected "Easy" and got a much simpler game than I had gotten for my first game.

It appears that, if you don't make a difficulty selection, you get a "Medium" level puzzle, not the "Easy" level.

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Posted: 06:37PM Feb 26, 2018
Avatar for whoviandeb whoviandebAus
Posts: 277

I solved a puzzle and at the end everything was green, but eight squares (the last eight I had figured out) changed to question marks (they had a green background). There was no indication of a wrong answer, and no explanation for what the question marks meant. The game just ended.

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Posted: 09:14PM Feb 26, 2018
Avatar for bfftwer bfftwerAus
Posts: 49

Now that the game is up and running for anyone to play, will it have an award associated with it? Also needs to be added to either list of the certain games that count toward the medal awards.

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Posted: 01:00PM Mar 1, 2018
Avatar for Jake JakeAusmod
Posts: 3429

Tilley: The size of the puzzle is not a predictor of its difficulty. There can be hard puzzles that are smaller in dimension that easy puzzles.

whoviandeb: I'll fix this bug

bfftwer: Yes. It should eventually have a reward and count for medals.

Have you visited Braingle lately?
Posted: 01:04PM May 11, 2018
Avatar for FatHead FatHeadAus
Posts: 2914

Suggestion. It already doesn't let you put in duplicate numbers, or numbers that complete the wrong sum. But how about numbers that are too big to work (or too small)? Or would that be to complicated to program and/or too easy?

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