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Posted: 02:45PM Dec 16, 2008
Posts: 854

Join my Werewolf game: Ducklings and Goslings!!


Posted: 12:53AM Dec 18, 2008
Avatar for danielzerman danielzermanAau
Posts: 288

join iforgotbraingle's werewolf game! 'Chaos Werewolf II: Death Anarchy'

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If you are allergic to something then you shouldn't put it in your mouth, especially if it is cats!
Posted: 01:38AM Dec 18, 2008
Avatar for zoenp zoenpbph
Posts: 93

And a dot appears beside my name...
Posted: 02:01AM Dec 18, 2008
Avatar for danielzerman danielzermanAau
Posts: 288

zoenp wrote:

That has absolutly nothing to do with a braingle advert!

If you are allergic to something then you shouldn't put it in your mouth, especially if it is cats!
Posted: 09:52PM Dec 18, 2008
Avatar for Brainy_1 Brainy_1Aus
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I hope life isn't a joke, because I don't get it.....
Posted: 03:55PM Dec 20, 2008
Avatar for iforgotbraingle iforgotbraingleAus
Posts: 4883

danielzerman wrote:
zoenp wrote:

That has absolutly nothing to do with a braingle advert!

But it was funny, just out of nowhere.

Well then.
Posted: 04:15AM Dec 23, 2008
Avatar for danielzerman danielzermanAau
Posts: 288

i didn't find it funny

If you are allergic to something then you shouldn't put it in your mouth, especially if it is cats!
Posted: 04:47PM Dec 23, 2008
Posts: 15

Hello all,

This is to tell everyone that the Braingle Newsletter has added some columns - advice, jokes, riddles, and poems.

If you have any questions that you need advice for, then just PM me with your question or problem, and I will forward it to the person giving advice (the advice-giver would like to remain anonymous). Also in your PM, tell me whether or not YOU want to remain anonymous when the paper is published.

If you have any jokes, riddles, or poems that you have either read/heard or if you made them up yourself, feel free to PM me with the joke, riddle, or poem you want to share. Also tell me whether or not you want to remain anonymous.

If you want to subscribe to the Braingle Newsletter, then just PM me.

Also, in this topic, please post about how often you want the Braingle Newsletter to come out, because at the moment, we don't quite know how often it will come out.

Posted: 11:28AM Dec 31, 2008
Avatar for PineappleMama PineappleMamaAus
Posts: 13848

Aloha! Signups Now Open For WTB ~ Hawaiian Holiday 3....


If you're looking for a WTB game take a peek Here.

If you would like to see what previous HH games were like take a peek at HH 1 and HH 2

And for the TWG Fans....

Schoolies be warned this game is not for Barney Braingle Brodads or Wannabe Wax Bums. Do NOT sign up if you don't intend to play. If you do, I will fire your beach bum quicker than a benny can get a facial!

Aloha Wahines and Bruddahs. Welcome to the Big Blue.

We've been majorly bummed as our waters are totally sharky. Biscuits are being found in bits and pieces. The bruddahs are trying to stay away until the problem resolves, but you know us, console surfing is just not the same. Every night at least one dude is meeting the man in the grey suit. Some of the Bros bailed, but the Brosefs & Divas are seriously aggro and have banded together to hunt down the landlords. One group has already tried four times* and failed to oust these sharks. Think you're up to the challenge?

Humans - Brahdeen, Boardhead, Surfer, Diva, Bruddah, Wahine, Betty, Brah, etc.
Wolves - Sharks, Landlords, Man in the Grey Suit
Seer - Our Favorite Benny - Born a dork but Bro at heart, this player has the smarts to help us clear the waters.

Grab Your Harpoons And Board Up Guys and Dolls!

* Four Previous HH TWG's can be found here: 1, 2, 3, 4

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Fractions are romantic.
Posted: 04:35AM Jan 10, 2009
Avatar for brainster brainsterAin
Posts: 16362

The conversion of my India TB to my wiki is almost 90% done. Except for my Indian recipes, you'll find the rest of my TB now available in "The Indian Corner" of my wiki. Hope everyone enjoys the insight into my country.

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The tools of the mind can be wrongly used, but the mind possesses no wrong tools.
Posted: 11:56AM Jan 21, 2009
Posts: 2120

Are you interested in living a healthy life? Maybe want to shed a few pounds and are looking for motivation?

Then come join the Spark Brainglers Talk Box. Encouragement is just around the corner!
Posted: 07:56AM Jan 25, 2009
Avatar for brainster brainsterAin
Posts: 16362

Hi all! I have added some more recipes in my Wiki, a new page on Republic Day that we celebrate tomorrow in India. I've also added a new page where you can easily check any new updates make to my wiki. For more information, please click here to go to my wiki. Thanks for dropping by!

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The tools of the mind can be wrongly used, but the mind possesses no wrong tools.
Posted: 04:14PM Jan 29, 2009
Avatar for PineappleMama PineappleMamaAus
Posts: 13848

Welcome to Wheel of Fortune Who's The Boss!

[color=green]This game will play as a normal WTB game, but with a slight twist.
Each round a Wheel Puzzle will be posted.
At the end of the round the points will be tallied, and the player with the most is the winner.
If the player who won the puzzle is an Employee, then a clue to the Boss's ID will be posted.
If the player who won the puzzle is the Boss, then a clue to the Rat's ID will be posted.
If the player who won the puzzle is the Rat, then a false clue to the Rat's ID will be posted.[/color]

Only the Round's Winner knows their role and can put the information to the best use![/color]

[color=blue]To Read More Please Visit The Signup Page HERE![/color]

[color=purple]This game is set to Private, so if you'd like to play you need to be on my Friends List.
Just drop me a PM or or Add Me To Yours! [/color]

[color=blue]0 Spots Left

Game is now underway, members still welcome to be our Studio Audience.

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Fractions are romantic.
Posted: 12:51PM Feb 5, 2009
Posts: 6441



The best newspaper on Braingle is finally out! Come join and see what all the fun is about!
We have many topics such as:
Advice Column
Joke of the Day
Astrology Signs
And many, many more

And we're even looking for a Mod to do a Sports section! Tell all your friends to come join the BEC today

Join Today!

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Posted: 01:29PM Feb 21, 2009
Avatar for jingles01 jingles01Aus
Posts: 558

Hello Everybody!
Join My New WTB Game!
Everyone will have Fun!

Ok so, the game basically has the same rule but some additions! here they are:

Every round there will be a clue. Sometimes a clearing, sometimes hinting towards the boss or rat. It will specify.

The Boss will be called The Wicked Witch of the East or for short WW.

The rat shall be called the Wizard

Employees will be called Dorothys.

Sound like fun? Good Luck and let the games begin!

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It is Summer!!!!!♥
Posted: 09:54PM Feb 21, 2009
Avatar for danielzerman danielzermanAau
Posts: 288

Come and join the 'Monkey Island II' Werewolf Game!

On a remote island in the Pacific Ocean there is a small island with only monkeys that only eat bananas. But one day some humans bring some gorillas across to the island but the monkeys attack and send the humans away! Now all that is left are the gorillas and the monkeys. At first they stay in separate areas with their own tribes and ignore each other but one day, a careless monkey threw a banana peel on the ground and the gorilla leader stepped on it and fell. The gorillas then made war against the monkeys. Because both animals looked almost the same many monkeys killed monkeys and gorillas killed gorillas. At first it was just attacking but soon they started to become more sly and sent in spies. The gorilla tribe sent in a few members to spy and kill off the enemy slowly, but the monkeys realised what was happening and tried to stand up for themselves and killed someone each day. The monkeys knew exactly what they were doing and killed all of the gorilla spies one by one. The gorilla's were now extremely low on numbers and decided to ALL go and pretend they were monkeys.

Will they be successful this time or will the monkeys prevail again?

Find out on the 'Monkey Island II' Werewolf Game!

(PM danielzerman to join )

If you are allergic to something then you shouldn't put it in your mouth, especially if it is cats!
Posted: 08:38PM Mar 2, 2009
Avatar for deepsea deepseaAus
Posts: 979

Trauma Center: Under TWG is now in sign ups

This werewolf game based of the DS/Wii game Trauma center is accepting people. Members of Delphi have infiltrated Caduceus under the guise of new hires to the staff. Join the staff of Caduceus and help get rid of them and strike a blow against GUILT.
~Story posts every round
~Active mod
~2 day "days" allow enough time to find Delphi and for everyone to get on
~1 day "nights" let us get back to the action as quickly as possible

Please join and try to be active and in character

Posted: 03:57PM Mar 19, 2009
Posts: 854


Please join my WTB Game!! It's called WTB: Random Time. Each round will have a special, different rule. It will be lots of fun, and if you plan to join, be sure to be active!!
Posted: 06:20AM Mar 25, 2009
Avatar for dinosaurus98 dinosaurus98bus
Posts: 25

There has been a burglary at the luxury mansion of a millionaire. The millionaire is away on his yacht, and one of his servants has just discovered the crime. The first police officer to arrive at the scene of a crime in response to a 999 call, is called the First Officer Attending(FOA). The FOA secures the scene using police tape, this stops people walking about over the crime scene, destroying evidence. Next, the FOA calls for any assistance needed, for example, a detective and a SOCO and an ambulance if someone is injured. Today, you are the detective on duty.

If you want to join ths mystery solving please join Who's the Boss Game #1472: The Case of the Stolen Jewels

Come join before it's too late! If you want a mystery-filled game join here now!
Five people left before mystery solving will start.

Please join my WWG game "Dead In the Day"!
Posted: 06:45PM Apr 29, 2009
Avatar for twin27 twin27Aus
Posts: 262

Do you love werewolf games with brain-bashing clues?
then join the Werewolf game Silver Bullet for a game with three days for the "day" and three days for the "night"!

Join one of my Talk Boxes! They're fun!
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