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She loves me . She loves me not

Submitted by linda2
And this is the president *POP* And this is that meinie Jim from lunch *POP* And this my boss who took away my raise for "childish behavor"... *pop*

Submitted by geninkitty
bush.., before his state of the union address

Submitted by june12
(After being insulted by his bosses) "You think you pompous airheads can make me feel down? Take that, and that..."

Submitted by plain_jane
I get over a drink addiction, a drugs addiction, a sex addiction- but I will DIE A BUBBLE WRAP ADDICT!

Submitted by canse912
5 bubbles popped, ten million more left.

Submitted by Thinker1995
Fifty-two.. fifty-three.. fifty-four.. .... fifty-four.... ..... fifty-four...

Submitted by Signe
I can't believe they fired me. This'll show 'em. Let's see them try to ship anything once I'm gone!

Submitted by Tommy290
My mom never got over me growing up........this is my punishment (She wants them ALL BROKEN)

Submitted by slvbplayer15
the power was out.I had nothing to do,besides this.

Submitted by Max34480
"One more pop... okay... it will be better with 10 more pops!" ---OCD in the office

Submitted by clearisacolour
And this one is Mr. Humphreys in accounting, and this is Mrs. Singleton in HR...

Submitted by
Stephen: Mark, you are SO weird. Mark: You're an idiot yourself. Stephen: Well you're...right. :(

Submitted by brain23
Maybe tomorrow I won't wear the $2,000 suit and the $1,000 shoes and the $200 tie and the silk socks...

Submitted by JimW
I wonder if this is what the packagers for ups do on there spare time when they don't have anything to package.

Submitted by kp52
The underwear my company provides is not that comfortable. Let's think of an alternative cloth fiber...

Submitted by zukoca
theres only 1,000,000 left before i get my raise to two bucks an hour

Submitted by brainknot
I knew I shouldn't have let my mother get me a job!

Submitted by naturegirl741
See Tommy, this is way more entertaining than any stupid expensive video game, and it's cheap!

Submitted by bighead1999
never watch buisness men get freaky with bubble wrap.

Submitted by pinkkittygirl98
His prom date dumped him.

Submitted by
What do they do in theropy these days? "It all started when I was four..."

Submitted by frenzy1
One, two, three, now, let's see how many are left...

Submitted by Davegle
They told me if I popped ALL of the bubble wrap, they'd let me keep my job at McDonalds! Sweet!

Submitted by wannamarryharry
Just POP the bubble, POP the bubble, baby! POP the bubble, POP the bubble baby! Man:I'm not a baby! i'm just alone, sad,retarted, and obsessed with bubble wrap...

Submitted by srpwuzhere
Joe learned to like getting sent to the naughty corner. He always found some sort of stimulation... "Hahaha, jokes on them..."

Submitted by Becka
The George Bush IQ test

Submitted by tuckpaw
With a large surplus of unaccounted money and an old debt to his college drinking buddy, the CEO decided to bring in his old friend, dress him up in a suit, and keep him busy the only way he knows how. And for $90,000 a year!

Submitted by
This is hard to resist.

Submitted by Natrix
This is better than any marriage counseling.

Submitted by
George Bush's plan to create more jobs and solve unemployment in the upper class is going very well...

Submitted by ickybana5
My new therapist told me that this will calm me. AHHH haha its kinda working

Submitted by chocolatecake
Looks like I'll be working late again, honey.

Submitted by granny3g5b
101, 102, 103, 104... Only 50,768 left.

Submitted by poley857
How the heck do they get the air in there?

Submitted by bugkillerbubba

Submitted by
Pretty pretty, shiny shiny, POPPY POPPY!!!

Submitted by Madelulabelle
The politically correct method of breaking wind at the office.

Submitted by standup
..And this bubble represents the network *POP* Cancel MY show, will you?!

Submitted by Lyana
So much for the promotion.

Submitted by Damascus
bubble wrap: No matter how old you are, you're always entertained.

Submitted by FrodoBaggins
$300 Dollars a weeks for my Anger Manegment class and they make me POP BUBBLES WRAP!!!!

Submitted by everyday4jesus
They said I was going to be in charge of packing, but this isn't quite what I had in mind...

Submitted by teddybair
i use these little air pockets to simulate stress popping out of me bit by bit. can you hand me that other roll over there? i need to finish my pre-lunch bubbles ASAP.

Submitted by Caboose-1
So easy, even a caveman can do it...

Submitted by IB247
Demanding, he says...hi-tech, he says...crucial positioning, he says...

Submitted by BMEUP2PLZ
With this amazing bubble wrap, and a roll of DUCT TAPE!- I could RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!

Submitted by dirtdummy

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