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"That huff & puff thingy will not work here",dog breath.

Submitted by QueenBee23
"We got a call about a cat burgler."

Submitted by squabkicker
Huff and puff all you want - the answer is still HELL NO!!

Submitted by BMEUP2PLZ
how much is that kitty in the window?

Submitted by mitch2007
I don't want none o'dem girl scout cookies, I ain't interested in no magazine subscriptions, and I got all the knives I be needin'.

Submitted by oddrey
No thanks, we're Southern Baptist....have a nice day..

Submitted by NYTETIMER
This is how dogs do their grocery shopping

Submitted by mindxfreak
In this mirror, I look superior!

Submitted by wannamarryharry
hahaha u can't get me! nananananna

Submitted by
Ha Ha. CATS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Luke400
"Go all huffing and puffing, Big Bad, the answer is still HELL no."

Submitted by flutflutflyer
Dogs- "Come on, just a lttle lick?" Kitty- "Nuh-uh. My mommy warned me about you!"

Submitted by geniusgirl13
I'm, tellin' ya -- we wuz FRAMED!!

Submitted by NANG
Not the Jehovah's Witnesses again...

Submitted by nidhogg
Dogs: "Yeah I'll have an egg mcmuffin with sausage and two hashbrowns." Cat: "Okay that'll be $4.99. Next window please."

Submitted by ILoveWicked1505
MWAHAHHAHAHAH! You have stolen my kitty toy for the last time! Now you are trapped outside! MWAHAHHAHAHA!

Submitted by Frada8D
"How much for the meal in the window? The one with the little white tail? How much is the meal in the window? I sure do hope that meal is for sale." (PS - No offense to kitten lovers. :O)

Submitted by Writeaway
Dogs: so why are you in the slammer? Cat: I was busted with catnip!

Submitted by spiderpig
Little did Snowball realize that, as Bif and Gruff were distracting her at the front door, the one they call Killer was sneaking in through the back door ...

Submitted by rbarnes46970
I'm not touching you. I'm not touching you.

Submitted by irivera
Cat: See they like me better 'cause I can use the litter box and you guys ... .....well you just smell.

Submitted by 4me_x2
Have your people call my people.....

Submitted by KIZMIAZ
You are not getting on this side of the door until you learn to use the litter box!

Submitted by etty
Sorry guys...the 'Rents busted me comin' in late & I'm so grounded, I'm growin' roots.

Submitted by IB247

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