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Infinitely-Finite Formula

Submitted By:Codammanus
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Working from an infinite group, I extracted a finite one,
And based on this new finite group, I made one more for fun.
So now we have three groups in all, one old and infinite, two finite and new.
I hope you find this one perplexing, only to be solved by few.
So take the Given 1 and 2, and by all means take the clues,
Use your noggin, have some fun, and try to answer the Q's.

Given 1.
Sent one to ten tons of soft cotton often

Given 2.
Sent Sent Sent Sent Sent Sent Sent Sent Sent Sent


-The finite group extracted from the infinite group was based on the value of the 'money' in Given # 2.

- The second finite group, the one 'made for fun' has something in common with a group containing 2 dozen and 1/3 of a half-dozen members.

- ALL members of the second finite group are used in Given 1 and 2.


-In the second finite group there is a double-double, and one triple.


1.What are the two finite groups created?

2.Based on the clues, which word in Given #1 does not belong?

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