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Submitted By:beanie89
Fun:*** (2.23)
Difficulty:* (0.53)

Can you figure out this saying?

infinity infinity beyond

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by luvupurple09/07/03
Watching Toy Story actually came in handy.:)

Posted by Smithy09/07/03
I'm not moaning about the problem, but I submitted one similar to this and it got rejected because the editors said they no longer accepted problem where the word is written twice to get "to" or four times for "for".

Posted by JO4709/07/03
good one. haha, i don't think you needed the hint

Posted by Doggyxp12/21/03
cute one! :lol: :D :) but the hint kinda gives it away :wink:

Posted by Matttoy10/20/07
got it in about 6 seconds. Great job. Keep making teasers.

Posted by emma579997907/05/09
Loved the hint! :D

Posted by beyonce12306/09/10
easy but cute


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