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Silly Cow

Submitted By:SliceOPi
Fun:** (1.88)
Difficulty:**** (3.11)

Can you translate what the following really means?

Sidney and his wife Flora were sitting in a restaurant eating. Suddenly Flora noticed a handbag on the floor. Just as Sidney was slicing his fresh cabbage, on all fours, the cow stole money.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by crazygrace03/30/04
Slice-Opi- do you or some one else mind explaining the meaning of the answer? I have no idea what that means. :roll:

Posted by cdarnsept104/04/04
??????? :-? ????????

Posted by Atropus01/19/05
If you cut up ("slice") the words "fresh cabbage" into three words.. all with 4 letters ("all fours") you an make the words Beef Grab and Cash. Beef Grab Cash = cow takes money. Personally I think it's very cryptic and obscure. I might have got it if Beef Grab Cash was a sentence...or if beef was a live cow ^_^ but now I am just being pedantic. :P

Posted by shdwhawk03/05/05
What do you mean by Beef Grab Cash?

Posted by froggygg05/08/05
Sorry, but the answer really doesn't make much sense. :-? :-? :-?

Posted by brainster08/30/06
I agree! Did not make much sense to me either! :-?

Posted by grungy4910/14/06
This is a really obscure teaser. I'll try and explain best I can. It says you need to slice 'fresh cabbage' into all fours. This means that you need to rearrange the letters of 'fresh cabbage' into all four letter words. This comes to 'beef grab cash' At the end, it says 'the cow stole money'. (a.k.a beef grab cash) Yes, I know, it's very confusing, and I probably didn't do the greatest job explaining it :P

Posted by sammybaby5511/05/06
okay many people may not understood it and neither did I. BUt not to make u mad or sad or anything but i didnt really get it. SO sorry. Try make better ONes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: Jerk :evil: :lol:

Posted by om12307/13/08
lol.. i like how people actually tried to re-explain the answer without doing anything. heres the explanation: ITS RETARDED. the answer does not answer the question. there is no hidden message.

Posted by Lightspeed05/08/09
I think om23's comment sums this one up nicely. :evil:


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