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Man's Best Friend

Submitted By:briarsagemoss13
Fun:** (1.78)
Difficulty:* (0.67)

The earth is black and white to me
Other colors I can not see
Some call me man's best friend
Give me a bone, a lick I'll lend.

What am I?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by bmotts07/31/02
I think a kid did this one... It's OK if he's under 13... If it's a 30 year old man, though, now that's different!! :P haha

Posted by Sazzy08/30/02
I like dat 1! Sorry 2 say though, the title gives the answer away!

Posted by Floating_dreamer10/06/02
Just a *tad* bit easy.

Posted by something11/18/02
i was an eight year old when i made this up. i'm a bit more mature now... i switched screennames

Posted by krishnan12/02/03
If he lends you a lick, does that mean you have to return the favour. :-?

Posted by catsrfun3703/14/04
thats was easy but I am a dog lover. :P

Posted by Sane03/23/05
I got it again without bothering to read the riddle. Too easy. Hmm "Man's Best Friend?" ... :roll: :P It was fine though in terms of actual teaser performance.

Posted by koolkat5703/30/05
I don't like being mean, but I thought that was SO borrrrrring, and the title gave it away. BUT, that was a real cute poem! :wink:

Posted by darthforman05/22/05
Cool, I liked it. Yea, it was easy. But I liked it. :D

Posted by SaturnCat0806/03/05
Very easy but nice it a dog one

Posted by SaturnCat0806/03/05
very easy but cool :lol:

Posted by bigSWAFF_69_06/07/05
T'was easy, but it was well writtin. I guessed Monkey tho.... :cry:

Posted by flipflopchica06/10/05
I got it when I looked at the title!

Posted by MonkeyJoe08/22/05
the tittle gave it away :evil:

Posted by markmonnin09/22/05
I just couldn't figure it out... :-?

Posted by EKBsnookiepie10/08/05
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy what els is it sopost to be :roll:

Posted by trumpetsgirl10/12/05
i liked it even tho it was easy. :) it was a nice poem :P

Posted by teen_wiz02/19/06
It's true, I also got it when I looked at the title before even reading the riddle. I am a dog luvver, though, so I liked it! :)

Posted by Zelvinrocks12/14/06
:D Great teaser :D . Jeeze........ I hate to be repetitive:evil: but maybe you could have titled it "An Adoring Fan". I know that the teaser is written but find different ways a dog/pet could be called. :wink:

Posted by sftball_rocks1303/25/07
Cute, but easy :D

Posted by kainiel06/20/07
cute but to easy try doing something like this change the title to four legged animal 1st sentence should be You can take me out side 2: I may run away! 3: I'm very playful 4; but yet i can be not so great and the anwser is dog..... It doesnt ryme but whatever and its a bit harder! but good job

Posted by selpy12312/16/12
:roll: I knew that

Posted by Thekid403/02/13
Dogs do not see in only black and white. That is a myth. Other than that, it was okay. :)


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