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In the town of Superherovilletonfield, mild mannered people turn into not-so-mild mannered superheroes on a regular basis. The villain of the superheroes, Evil McMeanieman, wants to find out everything about the superheroes. He hires you to figure out their Superhero names, alter egos, and jobs.

Superhero name:

Ultra Dude
The Puppyeyes Kid
Icecream Man

Alter Ego:

Turkey Pharrelson
Luther Flixterbaccher
Andrew A. Andrewston


Fast Food

1. The Icecream Man doesn't serve fast food.
2. Flixterbaccher isn't a Journalist.
3. Andrewston is Ultra Dude.
4. The Journalist is Puppyeyes Kid..

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Araldite12/03/04
Using the logic grid it's almost impossible to get these wrong. I find them fun just the same. :D

Posted by maddieisacocker12/04/04
i like logic-grids but not that one. it is weird :o :( :cry: :oops: :roll:

Posted by Mogmatt1612/04/04
this is way below your standards something.

Posted by Nicky10112/09/04
"Something" gave someting and I like something. In other words, I like the teaser. "Someone" refers to the person. something refers to something. :lol: Brain teaser in a comment! :lol:

Posted by GCAF12/18/04
Nice weird names. :lol: I like this teaser it was really good. :wink:

Posted by I_am_the_Omega12/29/04
I still don't understand the logic-grid -.-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Posted by I_am_the_Omega12/29/04
Oh heh i get it now =P

Posted by SandUtil01/08/05
This is the first logic grid I have solved. :oops: I'm new, but I'll get it. 8) :wink: I still don't really get the logic grid though. :-? I'm sad. :oops: :cry:

Posted by Atropus01/09/05
:D More proof that it doesn't have to be complicated or difficult to be memorable. Thanks for using some creativity in your puzzle.

Posted by Crazy-G01/18/05
:D WOW I finally got one right! This was fun! :wink:

Posted by kellgo01/19/05
good one... took me a few minutes :D

Posted by tiptoes007berbs01/22/05
ooh finally one I can solve! Thank-you :)

Posted by horseybaby3434501/23/05
too easy :( to boring :cry: i hated it :evil: i like hard ones 8) those are fun :D

Posted by DaveC11/19/05
:D :) :lol: :P :wink: 8) :lol: 8) 8)

Posted by mitzimesser03/17/06
:oops: I looked at the answer & I still couldn't get it. :-?

Posted by natureluver12/12/06
:D 8) :lol: :wink: :) :D 8) :lol: :wink: :)

Posted by lavender12/30/06
I couldn't get it either. . . but I loved the werid names and concept! :D :D

Posted by calmsavior03/12/07
"The Icecream Man doesn't serve fast food. " That's a phrase I've never heard before.

Posted by MorbidLies08/21/07
SUPER easy. hah, get it? Super.. yeah nevermind. :D :D Nice teaser. 8)

Posted by braingle10002/25/09

Posted by pierlejna07/15/09
not bad.

Posted by Zinovia02/01/11
This was a nice snack-sized one. I enjoyed it.

Posted by kittygirl1907/27/11
Kitty Kay may be a fine schoolgirl, but she has a superhero alter-ego! 60's Song!

Posted by Raejean01/19/18
I enjoyed the puzzle, but lie the others have said, it was a bit difficult when the names in the puzzle did not correspond with the names on the chart.


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