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Bat Attack

Submitted By:lorial
Fun:*** (2.93)
Difficulty:**** (3.17)

Vampire bats have been attacking a different person in the village of Batsrus on different days of the week and they all managed to succeed in sucking a little blood from their victim. The victim fought off the attacking bat by using any weapon to hand.

Can you determine the amount of blood sucked from which person, on what day and what they defended themselves with?

1) Miss Fitch had 4ml of blood sucked from her neck before managing to fight the bat off, but not with her Handbag or Fist and this wasn't on a Saturday.

2) The bat that was fought off with a Walking Stick managed to suck 1.5ml more than the bat that attacked 2 days before the victim that used a Slipper to defend themselves, which was not Mr. Sachs.

3) Mr. Sachs had more blood sucked from him than the Saturday victim.

4) A bat was hit with a Fist 2 days after a bat was hit with a Handbag.

5) The victim that had 7ml of blood sucked was attacked the day before the victim having the least amount of blood sucked, which was not on a Wednesday.

6) Monday's bat attack was on Mrs Melbury who didn't fight the bat off with a Slipper.

7) Ms Trews did not use an Umbrella as her weapon.

Victim: Miss Fitch / Mrs Melbury / Mr. Sachs / Ms Trews / Mr Twiddle
Day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Weapon: Handbag, Fist, Walking Stick, Umbrella, Slipper
Blood Sucked: 1ml, 2.5ml, 4ml, 6ml, 7ml

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by wolfaleck01/03/05
Very well done. This one actually took some thinking! :)

Posted by Atropus01/09/05
Wow.. I completely got a grid filled that was working and yet somehow all my answers are wrong O_O

Posted by follydog01/11/05
Every time I attempted this I got an inconsistency, but the answer to the teaser is not inconsistent. I am confuesed, but I like this one very much.

Posted by lorial01/14/05
Hopefully reading this clue again will help: The bat that was fought off with a Walking Stick managed to suck 1.5ml MORE THAN THE BAT THAT ATTACKED 2 DAYS BEFORE the victim that used a slipper to defend themselves, which was not Mr. Sachs.

Posted by lorial01/22/05
This clue was intended to be confusing. Does this help: The victim that used the slipper, who was not Mr. Sachs, was attacked 2 days after the bat attacked the victim that had 1.5ml less sucked, than the bat that was fought off with the walking stick.

Posted by cricket02/02/05
this one is very hard. I still don't get it!!

Posted by Lisa946502/04/05
I agree that the second clue should be revised! :D Other than the frustration associated with that, very amusing :D

Posted by iconofsin02/16/05

Posted by peanut02/28/05
Ooh, good one!! :D The fact that Thursday doesn't feature confused me silly but I got it in the end :P :P

Posted by iconofsin03/03/05
This was a small motivation for my Hell's Attack teaser. Loved it, very violent and evil.

Posted by super_duper0803/16/05
HELP! how dod u figiure it out. i have the grid filled out a bit but i can't figure out how u got the answers! i barely have anything marked and i read through the clues SO many times. i have spent hours on this!! :(

Posted by super_duper0803/16/05
i did it! woot! that took me days. we i finally relised about thursday not being there it helped a ton! super awesome puzzle! hardest ever. (last one i did outa ALL the teasers cus it was so hard) a million stars!! :D

Posted by ANgelStAR04/10/05
It is a really challenging teaser and I had fun doing it! :D :D I got most of the answers correct. I agree with 'addicktd' the whole point to this is not to go to Batrus. :lol: :lol: A very evil village to visit! :lol:

Posted by MAroxmysoxonice05/29/05
i didn't notice thursday wasn't there until i read the comments!!! :oops: :oops: :oops: it was REALLY hard. great teaser! (P.S. i couldn't of figured this out if my life depended on it! :oops: :oops: oops!!!!)

Posted by FamilyInFilm06/11/05
I'm not even exactly sure how I managed to finally solve this one, but it was fun! Thanks! :roll:

Posted by Eowyn06/12/05
Yes! I managed it at last! This is my n-th time I try. I liked this one very much.

Posted by scihead07/15/05
I really enjoyed this teaser. I think clue 2 is fantastic! It has a lot of _really_ useful information in it, you just have to read it very carefully and keep coming back to it as you get more filled out. I much prefer this kind of "tricky" clue to those that hand you the answer on a plate!! Great Job! :)

Posted by TalkingOptimist10/19/05
WOW! This is the best teaser I've done yet! I *heart* clue 2! Anyone griping about it needs to quit nitpicking. Hope to see more teasers from you! :D

Posted by TalkingOptimist10/19/05
WOW! This is the best teaser I've done yet! I *heart* clue 2! Anyone griping about it needs to quit nitpicking. Hope to see more teasers from you! :D

Posted by Spiritdance11/17/05
Tricky tricky! Actually gave up on it the first bunch of tries, then tried again today and got it on the first try. Doh!

Posted by DaveC11/20/05
:x :evil: READ CLUE 2 CAREFULLY The bat that was fought off with a Walking Stick managed to suck 1.5ml more than the bat that attacked 2 days before the victim that used a Slipper to defend themselves. The only amount which could be 1.5 more than another amount is 2.5, which is 1.5 more than 1. The only days that could be 2 days before any other days listed are Monday (two days before Wednesday) and Wednesday (two days before Friday) 1ml is the least amount of blood so according to clue 5 it could not be Monday since The victim that had 7ml of blood sucked was attacked the day before the victim having the least amount of blood sucked. Therefore the victim having the least amount of blood sucked had to be on Wednesday, the victim having 7ml sucked had to be on Tuesday and the day the victim used a slipper to defend himself or herself had to be Friday. Some of the answer is right but a lot is wrong :roll: Here is what I figure is right: Monday Mrs. Melbury Handbag 6ml; Tuesday Mr. Sachs Umbrella 7ml; Wednesday Ms Trews or Mr Twiddle Fist 1ml; Friday Miss Fitch Slipper 4ml; Saturday Ms Trews or Mr. Twiddle Walking Stick 2.5 ml. The clues don't mention Mr. Twiddle and only say that Ms Trews did not use an Umbrella as her weapon, which does not help. Clue 5 only makes sense if the last phrase "which was not on a Wednesday" refers to the day that victim that had 7ml of blood sucked and not the victim having the least amount of blood sucked which I have already stated MUST have happened on Wednesday!!!!!!! :roll: :-? :cry: :( :o This is not a well written puzzle!!!!!!

Posted by Splatt11/29/05
Sorry, _last guy that posted_, I didn't read your whole comment yet. I stopped when you said the "only" option for 1.5 ml more was 2.5. You are incorrect, sir. 4ml is also another problem. I am having troubles with this grid, but hey, if I didn't like a challege, I wouldn't pick one rated so hard. No reason to be mad at the author simply because he is the master of trickery.

Posted by DaveC11/30/05
4-1.5=2.5 boy, how did I miss that?

Posted by DaveC11/30/05
:oops: :oops: ::oops:

Posted by DaveC11/30/05
:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: Something is really screwed up here. In the comment above I started with ten blushing faces and it said that I used too many emoticons please limit to ten so I started to delete them and by the time it let me post them it was down to three which is a lot less than ten now I am starting with ten evil faces let's see how many it will let me post.

Posted by DaveC11/30/05
I guess they like :evil: three times as much as :oops: :roll:

Posted by DaveC11/30/05
:D Thank you Splatt, after I saw where I had gone wrong I solved the puzzle in a few minutes. I can't believe that I didn't See that . I apologize to Cinnamon for what I said about this being a poorly written puzzle. My carelessness caused me to make a fool out of myself. :oops: :D :wink: 8)

Posted by orbrab12/17/05
This is a superteaser. You must read carefully an also use your head :D :o

Posted by TheEarthling01/01/06
It took me a while, but I got it in the end. Undoubtedly one of my favourites. I love challenging teasers. :D

Posted by Space01/05/06
Misreading clue 2 messed me up the first couple attempts, but once I read that clue correctly, I was able to solve it. Very good one!

Posted by roscoep01/13/06
WASTE OF TIME! Two days is NOT two grid rows.

Posted by WJSMama01/18/06
WOW! That was great. Must have been the hardest one that I have ever attempted, and no, I didn't get it, I guess I'm a quitter. After reading the comments, I'm not sure if I could solve it or not. :oops:

Posted by thompson102/22/06
Wow, that was awesome, but really hard :o, and if I am correct, the slipper part of clue 6 is unneeded. I completely missed the skip of Thursday, but once I saw that, I still couldn't get it :x

Posted by Gnius03/01/06
This really sucked... I tried solving it for a very long time until i gave up and checked your answer... The answer you gave is incoherent with clue number 2... You state in clue number two that the person that used the slipper was 2 days after the person that had 1 ml sucked out of him. In your answer you state that the slipper is 1 day before 1ml... Recheck the whole thing... you screwed up and that gave ALL OF US A HARD TIME...

Posted by Gnius03/01/06
Sorry... I rechecked and I'm wrong... This Was A Very Good One... Looking forward for more from you...

Posted by khedron12/11/06
Great Teaser! :D Didn't take me that long, but I did have to read very carefully, which made it more fun and challenging than most of these. Love reading all of the frustrated comments from people who didn't read it carefully enough and think it's somehow your fault.

Posted by mom_rox09/10/07
lorial -- excellent puzzle. I especially liked your very creative storyline.

Posted by dreamlvr143209/14/07
OMG! Kudos to you on this one. I still haven't figured it out, but will be coming back to it. This is one to print and work on a little at a time (so you don't go "batty")! :roll: :o :-? :D Clue 2 threw me for a bit, but after reading it several times was able to break it down to the 3 bats. Still can't figure out which bat is the mystery bat though. :-?

Posted by mocha61311/12/07
Fantastic puzzle! I loved it! It all fell together very nice.

Posted by lesliep7287512/20/07
I finally got it, thank goodness. :D Once I was able to figure out clue #2 everything fell into place. Great job! I love a challenge. :D :D

Posted by MorbidLies12/27/07
Really difficult!! I ended up giving up!

Posted by Loris2112/04/08
Super difficult, but very refreshing when I was finally able to figure it out. The Thursday thing threw me off as well. :D

Posted by chandler77302/08/09
Great teaser! Clue 2 is the tough one, but is extremely well written, so I was able to figure it out. With the first couple read-throughs, I wasn't sure what the last part re: Mr. Sachs was referring to. Since the first part of the clue was about a bat, and not about a person (i.e. Mr. Sachs), it all came together. Amazing and ingenius!!! Don't listen to the complainers - they want the answers handed to them on a silver platter :)

Posted by dswilborn06/06/09
This was excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by LNMelon06/18/09
That was REALLY fun. I was convinced there was an error until I finally started counting Thursday. Thanks for a great puzzle!

Posted by qua00610/15/10
Really tough puzzle, the trick I found was when I realized clue 2 referred to 3 bats, not 2

Posted by Zinovia02/01/11
This teaser inspired me to buy some turtlenecks! Good job!

Posted by wiser_now02/03/11
Quite a gruesome logic grid! And clue #2 made my head spin.

Posted by J-Five05/04/11
It was a pain in my neck!!!

Posted by braintwist06/13/13
Like Splatter said this is a masterpiece of trickery! :o :D CONGRATULATIONS to the author and to those who figured it out! :wink: 8)

Posted by ElishaB11/28/13
Funny to see all the wrong summaries of clue #2 listed above. I got the stick and 4 ml's mixed up the first time, but I started the grid over and everything fell into place perfectly. Super fun puzzle! I solved clue 2 by dealing with it in two parts, the bat hurt by the walking stick sucked 1.5 more than someone else. And the bat attacking 2 days before the slipper sucked 1.5 mls less than someone else. Alternately, you could say, there are 2 days between the bat that sucked 1.5 more than the walking stick, and the bat that was shooed with the slipper.

Posted by trewq08/29/14
Great teaser!! Definitely made me think, and the clues are great--difficult, but doable, and I felt pretty good when I figured them all out. :D


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