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Happy Birthday to You...

Submitted By:ixilight_raven
Fun:*** (2.11)
Difficulty:* (0.6)

Sally wanted to know the birthday of four of her friends: DJ, Ali, Sean, Amy. They wouldn't tell her directly, but they each gave her one clue:
1. DJ's Birthday is on an odd numbered day.
2. Ali's Birthday is on the 6th
3. Sean's Birthday is in April.
4. Both Amy and DJ have birthdays like 12/12 (December 12th)

Can you help Sally?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by ixilight_raven02/02/05
I know it's kind of easy... but I'm just 'testing the waters' you might say.

Posted by cloud_strife02/02/05
too easy!!!!! :evil:

Posted by myalyn_7702/03/05
This is 1st puzzle I solved. I just signed up today. It was a lot of fun.

Posted by horseybaby3434502/04/05
:( :cry: :( :cry: WAAAAAAAAY TO E-Z!!! :evil: :evil: :cry: :evil: :cry:

Posted by nicisan02/07/05
Nice easy one for newbies-i liked the 12/12 clues. Now make them harder!! :)

Posted by melilyn02/09/05
yay! I liked that. But I'm a stinker for these things. Next one harder, right? :wink:

Posted by Acestudent0402/11/05
This one was way too easy, but it was fun! :D

Posted by asia4sho02/13/05
I am very new to this and never heard of the logic grid so the riddle did not make sence intill after i voted so i gave you a bad vote sorry. :(

Posted by MrBasKetBall02/13/05
Pretty easy, I got confused at first.

Posted by hellokittysana02/17/05
that was super easy!!!!!!!! :) pick an harder one next time

Posted by whoelsebutme0902/20/05
ez shmeezee! :D

Posted by krabcat03/06/05
the votes are suposed to be semi-anonomous but i dont think thairs ne rules aggenst rvealing your vote i liked it but the 12/12 clue got me :oops: i gess i just need to know my months better

Posted by taziepooh05/11/05
This puzzle was lame. The clues didn't even make any since. This is the lamest puzzle ever :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Posted by jajajaja08/19/05
taziepooh, the clues did make sense just becuase you can't do it. Anyway a little bit easy but very good

Posted by ixilight_raven08/21/05
Thanks for the comments! :) (and for the defense) I haven't been onl here for a few months now, I couldn't rememeber my information.:oops: I'll get to work on a new (harder) teaser! :)

Posted by pinkynock710/23/05
I have to agree with jajajaja. Some people have trouble making challenging jokes. Anyways, it's really easy, but it was fun solving it. :wink: :D :) :P

Posted by teen_wiz02/13/06
Great one! I liked the 12/12 clue! Very creative! :D

Posted by batatis04/16/07
fun 8)

Posted by chickwithbrains09/13/07
I really liked the 12/12 clue too -- very creative! Great job!! :D 8)

Posted by MorbidLies12/27/07
Very easy but somehow I still mixed something up?! The 12/12 clue was very creative.

Posted by Zarahemla0508/08/08
Thanks, it was EZ and fun. I like the real Ez ones for two reasons. 1, It's great for teaching young people how to do logic puzzles! and 2. I love an EZ logic when I can't sleep.

Posted by mathgrant11/17/08
I really liked clue 4 -- it made the puzzle a lot more interesting. I probably would have phrased it more precisely (such as "Amy and DJ each have birthdays where the number of the month matches the day of the month (for example, 12/12, or December 12)."), although I must admit that I'm not exactly a layman. :) Good job!

Posted by Zinovia02/15/11
Easy but very fun! I like that the last clue was indirect and made you think a little. Thanks for the nice teaser!


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