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Submitted By:DennysGirl
Fun:** (1.84)
Difficulty:* (0.69)

Bases are loaded. Based on the clues below, can you figure out each person's last name, and their position?

names: Alice, Emily, David
last names: Price, Smith, Smart
places: catcher, pitcher, left field

1)Alice Smart is the farthest away from home base.
2)Price is the pitcher.
3)Emily's arm is tired from being overused.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Acestudent0402/13/05

Posted by MrBasKetBall02/13/05
Easiest puzzle ever!

Posted by 2wheelspeedster02/14/05
Way too easy. Just about the same as one called 'baseball.' Nice job anyway. :roll:

Posted by zoezyz02/14/05
Way way too easy. Next time don't not give any info about 1 person, spread it out. U gave too many answers away. :wink:

Posted by chuckelect02/15/05
it was an easy one but you can't go wrong with a baseball teaser!

Posted by krabcat02/15/05
it wa ok i had trubble whith the lst names at first :oops:

Posted by whoelsebutme0902/19/05
i agree w/zoezyz.don't give away so many answers but it was pretty fun

Posted by something02/20/05
really really easy. i still got the logic grid wrong because i checked smith when i meant to check smart. darn it. :D

Posted by dbs24102/20/05
Thanks for an easy one to get me started! :D

Posted by freakydoughnut103/02/05
this was OK, but, really, you gave one to me. good but easy :-? :-?

Posted by Cocokitty03/11/05
Hey gr8 job but it was kind of easy :roll: :wink:

Posted by mpspss03/29/05
Easy :(

Posted by wordwizz04/01/05

Posted by pinkynock710/23/05
mpspss, your kinda being rude. Although I have 2 say it was pretty easy, but think about how much DennysGirl put a lot of effort 2 do it. GOOD JOB DENNYSGIRL :D :P

Posted by GirlyxGirlxMia11/26/05
You gave all the answers away :cry:

Posted by mitzimesser03/16/06
:D I liked it. It was fun for a newbie like me to solve. even though I got a little confused. :-?

Posted by flowerz201008/15/06
pretty easy, with great clues so you can get the answer

Posted by dreamlvr143209/16/07
It was really easy, but it's great for beginners to get a feel for logic grids. :D Just a tip for future teasers, don't give away so much info in your clues. Good job though.

Posted by Zinovia02/21/11
Really easy, but still fun. I love the baseball-styled clues. Thanks!


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