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A Phony Problem

Submitted By:Leviathan
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What is the product of all the numbers on a phone?

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Posted by Master_Yoda04/15/05
Lol i forgot about 0 8) 8)

Posted by Jimbo04/15/05
hands up all those who opened up teh calculator! :D

Posted by Nightmare299104/15/05
hahaha--I didnt have a clue what "find the product of" meant until I looked at the answer. And THEN I open the calculator and figure it out. :roll: It should've been put in two categories this teaser! (math and trick) :D (And confusing) :-? :P

Posted by FeaerFactorY66604/15/05
Nice.... but a little confusing.... I thought the teasermeant two numbers on a phone multiplied together... not all the numbers on a phone..... but still good one! :D

Posted by shogun04/15/05
urgh... i forgot 0 :-? nice trick :wink:

Posted by stevier31604/15/05
This belongs in the "trick" section :D

Posted by ImUrLuCkYcHaRm04/16/05
:lol: i got it right, but it should be in the trick catogory

Posted by DummyisDumb04/16/05

Posted by i_am_hated04/17/05
thats a good one! :D

Posted by Leviathan04/17/05
if it was in the trick section, it would have been too easy

Posted by Leviathan04/17/05
I thought you deserved a calculator, it's not in trick section. Reminds you about zeros.

Posted by Leviathan04/21/05
It means, "What is the answer when you multiply all the numbers on the telephone?" Now do you understand? Oh, and I'm not too technical

Posted by brainglemaster04/23/05
that was actually really easy! :)

Posted by timilee04/24/05
Technically you are wrong!!!! You said NUMBERS, you did not say numeric characters. The zero is NOT a number, it is the lack of a number. If you want to argue this point, first ask yourself how many people begin counting starting with zero. If you still want to argue the point, go to the following link and argue with them: I know we see zero as a number on a calculator, but it is a NUMERIC CHARACTER that is provided in order to type 10, 20, 30,...which are numbers. But 0 by itself is not a number. So the real answer to the question that you asked is: 362880 I hope im not the only one here that knows this, or i'll feel like a total brainiac nerd. :wink:

Posted by fsullivan04/27/05
That was very easy. And yes, zero is a number. There are several types or sets of numbers. Zero is an Integer, a Real Number, and a Rational Number. About the only set it doesn't belong to is Natural Numbers.

Posted by froggygg04/27/05
I also agree that this belongs in the Trick Category as some would include the 0 as a number and some would not. Tricky one! :D

Posted by Leviathan05/01/05
i agree with fsullivan. it has to do with math.

Posted by skimela05/11/05
easy if you know what product is, and what a number is, and which numbers count as numbers!! :D but it was a great teaser, stumped many...but not me!!

Posted by sugarnspice4u712/22/05
i got it but good teaser!

Posted by dishu06/01/06
How can you say zero is not a number.It is.If you say that 0 is just a numeric character for 10, 20 etc. then even 1,2,3 are numeric characters only. Those who say zero is not a number belong to primitive ages.

Posted by SmartyGurl31309/02/06
everyone knows zero is a number. duh!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by flowers223403/13/08
I GOT IT!!!!!!! :D :lol: I LIKED THIS ONE!!! :roll: haha :P

Posted by javaguru01/08/09
Zero is a number. It's even included in the set of numbers named "whole numbers", which ought to silence any attempt at symantec nonesense to argue otherwise. This one is way too easy even with the "trick" aspect. (Shame on you if you opened the calculator.) 8)

Posted by math1208/26/09
omg, people, open a 5th grade grade textbook and turn to the chapter "Number Theory". It clearly states that zero IS a whole number (as stated above) though it is not a natural number. sheesh! :wink:

Posted by crocodile11/24/09
I thought I was supposed to add them together.

Posted by beyonce12306/14/10
Well I went and got 362880 and I felt all proud of myself and then I opened up the hint and I was like "oh... no... ARRGGHHH". So I got it right but I went through all that trouble for nothing and I am MAD. Ooops I forgot I should be grammatically correct. For all you British people or people that are from a country where people use there brains for grammar and other good thingys like that I meant that I am angry, not insane. I have got to stop saying mad. Language Arts may soon stop being my favorite subject.

Posted by beyonce12306/14/10
I know I may act like I belong in a mental institution but trust me , I don't. :D

Posted by kakuam1212/15/15
dude will prolly never see this but. to timalee. zero may not be counted in a simple 1-10 count. but zero is THE WHOLE NUMBER between -1 and 1. so if I began my count with -2 and worked my way up. 0 would absolutely be in my count. zero is NOT the same thing as white being all colors and black being the absence of color. zero is measurable. -1938373 is measurable. until you start getting into irrational numbers, any combination of the digits 1234567890, whether it be only one or an infinite number of them together, every single possibility is a measurable number including zero. so while that was an interesting yet, completely fabricated argument, it is also 100% wrong.


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