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Submitted By:Shadow93
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A man is sitting in a wheelchair and then he suddenly gets up and starts walking. How is this possible?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Ozymandias05/20/05
Obvious, but nice! :P :P

Posted by markmonnin05/20/05
DUUUUUUH! Jeez... maybe if you'd gotten more into the story, like how he parked in a handicapped spot and go out his wheelchair... etc. :)

Posted by Philly05/20/05
easy, fun though. :D

Posted by babybabe105/20/05
Although its soooooooooooooooo easy, its a great teaser. Keep it coming shadow93. : : :D

Posted by Issyrna05/20/05
Its so easy it makes me feel smart! :lol: Nice to have an easy one for simple minded people like me :)

Posted by drussel305/20/05
Too Easy, Where is the trick....

Posted by tamjp05/21/05
ditto :-?

Posted by darthforman05/21/05
Double Ditto :roll:

Posted by lordske05/22/05
way too easy :roll:

Posted by SummerStorm05/24/05
I thought this was pretty easy, but at least you came up with one! :P

Posted by Vballbabe3a05/26/05

Posted by MTK_9005/27/05

Posted by jack_capton8405/28/05
man that is the last thing i thought was to be the answer but i still found out but alright job 8)

Posted by Icecold05/29/05
simple teasers 4 simple people :wink:

Posted by MBBZN05/30/05
Dito to pritty much everyone. :lol: That guy could have been an actor or some guy jokeing around. Or he could have been disabled and like my neighbor, still have the streanth to walk, Wait. . . my neigbor has some sort of disease but can still walk when she wants to.

Posted by jennyheo06/02/05

Posted by Kukmiester06/03/05
DUUUUUUHHHH is right... that was bad... :x

Posted by Swordoffury139206/04/05
Too easy! :(

Posted by tennistripleXXX06/04/05
I liked it!!!! But a bit too EASY!!!!!!!! :roll:

Posted by flipflopchica06/06/05
Hey you people should be nice sometimes it's great having an easy teaser it makes me feel smart! :D

Posted by anakinschick06/06/05
better than anything i could come up with but it was soooo easy my kid sister could have figured it out. :o

Posted by chicken_girl06/07/05
It was very easy, all you had to do was read the question slowly, but it was still very fun. :wink: :) :wink:

Posted by fastfingers06/08/05
way too easy. Not tricky at all. :roll: :-? :roll:

Posted by jakeodee06/09/05
easy :roll: :roll: :roll: almost as easy as the one about the door and the window

Posted by atomsmasher2206/12/05
a little easy but i enjoyed it. :wink:

Posted by sk8ergrl06/13/05
that was really easy, i don't think you needed the hint

Posted by iheartme06/22/05
easiest one i've read, except possibly the 'am i trapped?' one

Posted by mgil9306/24/05
No trick! It was almost pointless! :x

Posted by superben06/27/05

Posted by superben06/27/05

Posted by Q-Tpie01006/29/05
That was easy but it was really cute :D :roll: :)

Posted by blca07/07/05
Personally I didn't get it right. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops

Posted by summachick07/23/05
It was easy but their the only ones i get right..........the easy ones so don't diss the teaser. :D

Posted by bagogirl09/16/05
ha, i got that without the hint good one though :D 8)

Posted by kibber09/19/05
very bad makes curtiss82 look good :roll: :lol:

Posted by homie12311/13/05
I thought it was a miracle!!!! I hate modern science!!!!

Posted by GirlyxGirlxMia11/25/05
That was stupid :roll:

Posted by rkaaland12/10/05
:D :D

Posted by Zebra-Chan12/13/05
This one was cute, but pretty easy. Its kinda cheesy, but not in a bad way

Posted by maddiekate04/14/06
i got it at first glance.

Posted by lavender01/02/07
I liked it! (Unlike many rude people on here.) Just because it's easy doesn't mean you have the right to be mean to the writer! Anyway, I liked it! :D

Posted by King_of_Smart07/16/07
Not bad. Make a "Wheelchair II" And make it harder! The harder they are, the better the teaser! :D

Posted by scallio09/11/07
I find the above comment by ilikebagels Jul 30, 2005 to be offensive. Odd teaser... no challenge to it. Thanks for the effort. It actually made me laugh. :lol:

Posted by pn_1604/26/08
easy. Really easy, but fun. :D

Posted by angelfangs04/05/12
Ok that was too easy.


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