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Submitted By:Javian
Fun:**** (3.28)
Difficulty:** (1.74)

Find out what the animals are! (for example, "To run away or escape" could be a "flea")

1. hair-control foam
2. very exposed
3. tellin' falsities
4. a lamenting cry
5. a dull person
6. a precious or loved one
7. first you get a parking ticket, then you get this
8. these make up a chain

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Ozymandias05/24/05
Everything's stumping me today! Where's my coffee?? :oops:

Posted by darthforman05/24/05
This is great!!! :D It's kinda funny too!!! :lol:

Posted by krishnan05/24/05
I really enjoyed this one! Lots of fun.

Posted by driftingfeather05/24/05
That was great! It was really fun!

Posted by vikingboy05/24/05
Funny :D :D

Posted by Trickster199205/24/05
OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (g=goodness, because I know some people, including myself, don't like other people saying "omgod" because its using Gods name in vein, sort of) YAY THIS IS MAKING ME HAPPY!!!!!! I AM NOW A BIG BRAIN (maybe even higher I dunno). AND I now have the power to say that a comment here is an unneccesary comment or whatever. (I don't see any unneccesary comments. Don't worry, I dont think I'll overuse my power like Mogmatt does sometimes. :( Say, good teaser!

Posted by lordske05/24/05
These were great, stumped even my mom!

Posted by zonahobo05/24/05
:D My kind of wild life .. great job with this! :D

Posted by italianmacho05/25/05

Posted by tamjp05/25/05
Clever! I only got half of them :oops:

Posted by Javian05/26/05
Thanks for everybody's feedback/comments! :D

Posted by RattlesA-K-A05/28/05

Posted by Spice_205/29/05
I loved it! I got 2 and 3 right and 8 but i never heard of a Lynx so i thought of the Missing Link thing :roll: oh well... :)

Posted by dutchymonster06/01/05
very good - I got most of them good fun! ______________________________ Yoyobug02: Try submitting a teaser or two yourself before critisising other peoples attempts :evil:

Posted by cuteashblonde06/03/05
Great teaser i absolutly love it :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by mmmmfon06/05/05
Very funny - didn't get #6 but when I read the answer - I should have! Very well done.

Posted by flipflopchica06/12/05
Very good teaser! You're very creative :D

Posted by deadeye82306/12/05
Nice one!! P.S: Congrats, this teaser is now the most popular one on the site!! :D :D

Posted by Javian06/12/05
Thanks! I had no idea it would be this popular :D

Posted by gummbypal06/17/05
I thought this would be easy going into it but you got me with the biggest and the smallest, whale and toad. Had to laugh at myself for being so smug. Great humiliator! :D

Posted by iblondhaha06/20/05
wow, this is an awesome teaser - good job!!! :D

Posted by fishpike06/20/05
This was GRRRRRRRREAT! :roll:

Posted by MTK_9006/21/05

Posted by madleon06/26/05
play nice yoyobug

Posted by infernogirl06/26/05
Loved this teaser, another for my favorites list. :D

Posted by livingjuice06/26/05
I don't know that much about animals. I only got one right... :cry:

Posted by Gillyb06/26/05
Got them all except 4 which I thought was owl (howl) Good teaser though :o

Posted by TsunamiSurfer06/26/05
Hi: My little brain did not help me anyway. But I learned a few new words. Thanks. For me it was an educational teaser. quack -quack :P

Posted by katzmeow06/26/05
This is my first teaser to comment on, and I am very happy to say that I got them all!!! A lot of fun, and I hope to see more like it! :D

Posted by katzmeow06/26/05
This is my first teaser to comment on, and I am very happy to say that I got them all!!! A lot of fun, and I hope to see more like it! :D

Posted by sassy_10106/26/05
I liked this one but it stumped me for a while

Posted by mcpres06/26/05
6. a precious or loved one Could also be: Ant (Aunt)

Posted by awesomestone06/26/05
Great Teaser... :D I got all but two...

Posted by Blaque106/26/05
this was great .... but i only got 3 :cry:

Posted by Aarghonauts06/26/05
Great one! :o (I have an unrelated quesiton: In the ratings area, I'm only allowed three question marks or three smiley faces, but in the scoreboard where they sum up everyone's vote there are four of each?? Why is that? Anyone out there know?)

Posted by azushud06/26/05
cool way to start the day 8)

Posted by skimela06/26/05
funn!! but i only got half of them

Posted by gummbypal06/26/05
Thought of one more Not old (gnu)

Posted by je_russell06/26/05
How about gull in addition to lion?

Posted by Kukmiester06/26/05
Great teaser! :D

Posted by amc799606/26/05
Great Brain Teaser :D The Best One I Have Heard In My Life. 8)

Posted by Katelin06/26/05
I loved this teaser, I hope you can make some more like it! :D

Posted by BrownEyes06/26/05
too hard :(

Posted by redneck_woman06/26/05
More, Javian, more! This one was by far my favourite! I got them all, though #9 stumped me for a while, but I didn't peek! very 8) teaser, my friend.

Posted by nvsourab06/26/05
Nice teaser, my friend!! Very fun and possibly the best one i saw!!! :D :) :( :o :-? 8) :lol: :

Posted by Javian06/26/05
Thanks for all the great comments and ideas! :D I recently made a "guess the animals #2"--I started running out of ideas, but it follows the same format. 8)

Posted by FeaerFactorY66606/26/05
Very nice!!

Posted by fcdaakrass06/26/05
:cry: i didnt get any of the numbers. I DONT GET ANY THING!!!! i hate my life. it sux. totally.

Posted by kgripp06/26/05
I missed number 8 and 1. Good teaser. Thanks.

Posted by Dustar9006/26/05
lol :) Very fun! yea 8) Very sharp! 8)

Posted by amn2249206/26/05
That was very good! I loved it! :D

Posted by settra62606/26/05
i kno alot about animals, but i couldnt get any of them! i feel so stupid!

Posted by naughtyangel06/27/05
It was very tricky to solve them.So i would say it was very good. :wink:

Posted by Chelsie06/27/05
That was GREAT! :D 5 and 7 eluded me, though I don't know why after seeing the answers! :oops:

Posted by FulanitoGM06/28/05
Did anyone else besides me put "dodo" for #5? That fits too, doesn't it? :-? Great teaser! Mostly because I got 7/8! :D

Posted by my2706/29/05
:lol: i think it is clever and funny :D

Posted by puppygirl121306/29/05
I can't believe i didn't get this. :oops:

Posted by DancAllNiteLong07/01/05
That was awesome! Very cute. Good for the first teaser I look at in the morning! :wink:

Posted by zigthepig07/04/05
i didnt get any boo hoo hoo :( i think im gonna cry :cry: but it was cool :D most popular well done :lol:

Posted by sambean07/04/05
i didnt get any eithet :cry: very good though

Posted by gorillazgirl08/04/05
I got them all!!!! YAY!!! I'M VERY GLAD!!! :D

Posted by lives_2sing08/29/05
i didnt gewt i at first but then when i saw the answer i got it. it was really kool. :D

Posted by Celanba09/03/05
Very clever! :wink:

Posted by ChattyMonkey11/14/05
:wink: Nice thinking :wink: :lol: Good Puzzle, too :lol:

Posted by sugarnspice4u702/03/06

Posted by teen_wiz02/07/06
Great one! Spent a long time on this one, but LOVED IT! :D :D :D Keep 'em coming! 8)

Posted by luckythirteen02/12/06

Posted by GebbieRose06/17/06
Excellent! :D :D :D :D

Posted by lmurray06/26/06

Posted by lmurray06/26/06

Posted by scallio06/26/06
Super easy, but fun! Thanks, Javian! :D :D :D

Posted by velreno06/26/06
Excellent, not too difficult, not too easy. Stumped me on toad. Thinking 'first I get a ticket, then i get a boot or a tow' but didn't think past tense. :lol:

Posted by Smudge06/26/06
Some - horrendously easy. Some - take some thought

Posted by vlerma06/26/06
Have to agree with Imurray on this one, easy. But it was still a nice job I got them all so they had to be easy as I didn't even have to get my paper out. And Imurray, Silernce is Golden - nice job. :wink:

Posted by HScott1306/26/06
Nice fun one. I got all except 7. I was thinking clamped, fined, but couldn't see an animal. So easy when you see the answer!

Posted by brainster06/26/06
Very creative! I liked it! And lmurray, thanks for the silence, it is indeed golden! :D

Posted by coachpisco06/26/06
These are the kinds of teasers I like. Some easy, some a little harder, but all fun. Thanks. :D

Posted by OldChinaHand06/26/06
A fun way to conclude or to embark upon a day. Thanks. 8)

Posted by underherfeet06/26/06
Only one i had trouble with at first, toad/towed, get a ticket, then towed?, maybe after an accident. John

Posted by RRAMMOHAN06/26/06
This is a great teaser. Could get just half of them right! Very creative.

Posted by smcclain06/26/06
Good one! I didn't get "towed/toad".

Posted by locutus13ds06/26/06
Idin't get most of them...Mondays grmmppp :cry:

Posted by Pizzazz2u06/26/06
Utterly Amazing! I help some elderly with their crossword puzzles so many of these came quick to me, but these are ALWAYS fun. Keep them coming! :wink:

Posted by BunnyCup06/26/06
I like playing with homonyms and had fun with the animals theme. I prefer the fluffy, chocolate version of #1 though :D

Posted by bradon18200106/26/06
Perfect teaser for a Monday morning.I got most of them, had to really think about a couple of them. Good job. :o

Posted by kcheer249306/26/06
Very crdeative and Great! Loved it MAde me laugh. Brightened my day!

Posted by iteachkids06/26/06
N:DT T:D:D difficult, and L:DTSA fun!!!

Posted by SandraB06/26/06
That was a fun one. For #6 i had primate (prime mate), oops! Great teaser.

Posted by doka1306/26/06
that was lotsa fun... i got 5/8, close enough. :roll: :oops: :lol:

Posted by gobananas73206/26/06
That was a terrific teaser!!!! I liked it even though I couldn't get most of them. :wink: Send more!!!!!!!

Posted by Neek06/26/06
I love these kind. I didn't get all of them, but it was fun trying. Good job!

Posted by c_rae06/26/06
Good job! It wasn't the most difficult, but I really enjoyed it. :D This is going into my favorites! :lol:

Posted by cox_9406/26/06
This was very well written I enjoyed it. I'm new to Braingle and ummm I want to know how you can earn points. :oops:

Posted by Unraveled06/26/06
Wow! That was a great one. Very well done. Cox_94 - you can earn points by rating teasers and submitting comments. There are also more ways, like getting a teaser approved and etc.

Posted by kman61306/26/06
anything w/ wildlife/nature I love! good ones

Posted by AwwwSweet06/26/06
Very cute!

Posted by POPS06/26/06
Great teaser :D Lots of fun figuring it out. Got 7 out of 8 Woopee :lol:

Posted by southerngirl1306/26/06
wow that was actually pretty good!

Posted by saleprice06/26/06
loved this one, more please. i got them all. redneck woman, can you tell where #9 was? lol

Posted by jabdr06/26/06
Cuet, fun & clever. Passed my smile test, though #7 stumped me. :oops: Good job 8) :D

Posted by syracuse94506/26/06
nys... i ac2ali got sum answrs! haha... good job! :wink:

Posted by bluehawk06/27/06
:D Good job Javian, you stumped me :o I was trying to find letters relating to any animal. Alas, when I clicked on the answers I realized "DUH" It was that simple. :o KOODOOS to you, you stumped me. :lol: :lol: :lol: Thanx, that was fun :wink: 8)

Posted by Badger06/27/06
Totally hilarious and fun. Needed the kids to help with number 7, and we didn't get 4 at all. Oh well, had my four kids laughing about "towed" at the breakfast table. Well done! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by SwimmerGirl07/04/06
:D Love it! It is so creative and fun! :D

Posted by starnz07/12/06
I love these!! I've been on vacation for a couple of weeks, and I can see that I've gotten rusty! Great Teaser!

Posted by Qrystal11/08/06
Hi, I just came from #2 and #3, and found this the easiest of them ... because I was only stumped on one of them: TOAD. GROANER!! Oh but then I checked the answers again and realized I got one wrong too... i had crow for #4, with a question mark, because I wasn't sure it sounded "lamenting". I was right in thinking I was wrong, and you had a good answer for that one! Good job on all three. :)

Posted by MalcolmReynolds11/21/06
Bear and Toad.. ouch ;)

Posted by 4demo08/08/07
Great teaser! I thought #1 was mouse since it was more similar to mousse in spelling and I missed a couple more, but I got most of them and I definitely had a lot of fun doing it! :D :D

Posted by mercedes1312/31/07
... i didn't get any of them... :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: but great teaser!!

Posted by SSVillalobos02/15/08
Nice work. I got Dodo instead of Boar, but your answer is much better. I really enjoyed this one!

Posted by harrypotter444405/22/08
Awesome teaser! It was a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by JoannaFruity03/08/09
haha! that was fun! :D

Posted by Paladin03/16/09
Not bad :)

Posted by builder06/26/09
Easy, but hilariously fun

Posted by doehead06/26/09
Interesting and easy.

Posted by dsjt06/26/09
I'm from a small town. I could not get #7. They don't do that here. They just give a ticket. Here, after you get a ticket, the only thing you get next is MAD. After that, you get to pay the fine.

Posted by tova_l06/26/09
Great teaser!!! This is right up my alley!!! I l 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) ved it!! Going in my favs for sure!!

Posted by auntiesis06/26/09
I didn't get toad or bored. The rest were not too hard. Good teaser. :D :lol: :D

Posted by jfilar306/26/09
Very creative. I really enjoyed this one! :D

Posted by here206/26/09
Very nice. the toad eluded me. I kept coming back to fined, but that isn't an animal.

Posted by avonma06/27/09
I must be tired. I missed several of them. Very good quiz, though.

Posted by trewq01/04/10
ahh! didn't get #7. thought the rest were easy tho; very nice =)

Posted by 0xy102/08/11
this is cool!!!

Posted by gaylewolf06/26/12
First one to comment in 2012! Guess it's because I can't sleep. Good teaser but I think I remember it from a previous date! Have fun! :wink: :)

Posted by HABS293306/26/12
Though extaordinarily easy, was a lot of fun. Very enjoyable, will be sharing with others.

Posted by Babe06/26/12
Fun quiz and I am sorry to say I missed two. #s 4 & 7. Not bad though. Good excercise for the brain.

Posted by iggy3906/26/12
Loved it, it was fun to figure out. Thanks for posting I noticed this was an old one. I haven't been on that long. :oops: 8)

Posted by royale-ninja07/23/12
it was tough

Posted by Zykezex06/26/15
Lamenting cry: owl - Someone with a Cockney accent might say when he stubbed his toe he let out a piercing 'owl. LOL :lol:

Posted by Silbury204/22/16
RIP Prince :cry: :( *picture of Prince*


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