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Submitted By:Krystle
Fun:*** (2.52)
Difficulty:*** (2.98)

5-23-4-23-1-6-9-6-8-2 25-18-9 20-24-8-1-23-13 5-25-18-5 20-23-8-20-4-23 11-6-4-4 4-8-8-19 18-5 18-2-14-5-25-6-2-26
24-18-5-25-23-24 5-25-18-2 23-18-7-25 8-5-25-23-24.
18-2-2 4-18-2-13-23-24-9

5-23-4-23-1-6-9-6-8-2 6-9 17-8-24-23 6-2-5-23-24-23-9-5-6-2-26 5-25-18-2 20-23-8-20-4-23. 6-15 6-5 11-23-24-23 2-8-5, 11-23 11-8-22-4-13 25-18-1-23 20-23-8-20-4-23 9-5-18-2-13-6-2-26 6-2 5-25-23 7-8-24-2-23-24-9 8-15 8-22-24 24-8-8-17-9
18-4-18-2 7-8-24-23-2-19

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by flipflopchica06/19/05
I don't really understand these. So if A=18 then does B have to equal 19? :-?

Posted by deadeye82306/20/05
No, they are all random

Posted by PCDguitar06/20/05
is there some sort of patern??? i dont see how this could make sense

Posted by ginny32206/20/05
I SO do not get this! so you smart people out there will have to explain it to me. :lol:

Posted by Krystle06/20/05
Okay, in this one a=18, so knowing that you try to figure out what the other numbers equal, and the phrases show up. :D i hope ya'll liked it :D

Posted by flipflopchica06/21/05
Then how are you supposed to figure out what number equals what number? :-?

Posted by Darveed06/21/05
It's based on a process of elimination i think. A=18 so replace all 18's with an A. Generally E is the most common letter, so find the most commonly occuring number and assume it is E then try and find words that woiuld fit round what you know * * E could be the,etc. Just like to point out i didn't get this. Couldn't be bothered to sit and work it out as i'm at work

Posted by Krystle06/22/05
all you pretty much try to do is exchange the a with 18 then eventually figure out the other ones, it does take a while though

Posted by DesertJules197406/23/05
It's not fair to slam the teaser, because you're unfamiliar with how to solve it. Start with the title - TELEVISION - notice the letter pattern. If this word were in the coded messages, the same replacement code (for 'E') would be in the 2nd and 4th places of a 10 letter word. And you would find the same code (for 'I') in the 6th and 8th places of the same 10 letter word. There are common patterns to words and common words - the, and, are. If you see the same code repeat in the middle of a word - 6-23-23-19, then you know that you have a word like 'keep' or 'book' or 'ally'. Once you solve that word, then you know what all of the 23s (and 6s and 19s) in the cryptograph(s) are. Loved the TV quotes - very funny!

Posted by MTK_9006/23/05

Posted by babygrl32906/24/05
if you got this please explain to me what it is

Posted by dolphingurl1206/26/05
All the answer has is what the code says, next time put how you get the code. That would be soooo helpful.

Posted by sambean07/01/05
i liked it but if you gave us more than one letter in the hint than it wouldn't so long in solving i didn't have the patience to solve it

Posted by BRIE07/01/05
I honestly did not understand exactly are you supposed to find what letter the other numbers equal!!!!!

Posted by wordsrcool07/04/05
The way to solve this kind of problem is to start with any hints you have, say the a=18. Fill in all of the 18's, then look again. I found it easy to see that the first word must be television, so I filled it in and then filled in all the other places those numbers showed up with the correct letters. After you've filled in all the letters you know take a look at what you have. Say you have a three letter word th_ , it's easy to assume that the last letter is E, so fill in all the other places it's number shows up with E. You just keep going on in that manner untill you have it solved. I hope this was some help.

Posted by smarty_blondy08/18/05
Because of the very commented title, this one was one of the easiest. Unfortunately, not all cryptography have such inspired titles to provide a very welcomed hint, therefore take much more time with much less of a reward. The quotes are very funny :lol: Keep up the good work and don't be dispointed if so many ppl "didn't get it". Most teasers require a pen, paper and some effort to be solved, not only one top-to-bottom look. Good job :wink:

Posted by brainster10/15/05
It was ok once I figured out that the title was a big clue ! Until then it was wide-eyed time !!! :D


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