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A Day of Shopping

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Fun:**** (3.14)
Difficulty:*** (2.92)

The Springview Mall had its annual Big Sale last Friday. Five girls skipped school to go shopping together. Each of the girls bought one item on sale for less than the regular price. Find out each girl's last name, item bought, the sale price she paid, and what the regular price of her item was.

1. Beth Jones didn't buy the shoes. The girl who bought the skirt spent half of the regular price. Terry spent $25 on her item.

2. Sarah was not the girl who spent $35 on an item that was regularly priced at $45. Miss Turner, whose first name isn't Jennifer, didn't buy the jeans.

3. Molly spent more money than the girl who bought the necklace, but her item's regular price was $10 less than Miss Smith's.

4. The person who bought the jeans had a regular price that was higher than Miss Anderson, but lower than the girl who bought the purse.

5. Sarah's last name wasn't Smith. Miss Welch didn't spend $40, but the regular price of her item was $15 more than the sale price. The person who bought the necklace spent $30, but it wasn't Sarah.

6. The five girls were Molly, the girl who spent $50, the person who bought the jeans, the girl whose item regularly cost $60, and Miss Anderson.

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