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Lucky Numbers and Favorite Letters

Submitted By:ujniko
Fun:*** (2.12)
Difficulty:* (0.65)

A teacher asked his students to write on one piece of paper their favorite letter and on another their lucky numbers. Four of his students forgot to write their names down. They were Anna Reams, Ethan Gold, Maria Scott, and Ryan Martin. The teacher asked whose they were and the students decided to write him clues. The clues were:

*Maria's lucky number is either 5 or 30.

*Ethan's favorite letter is R.

*The person whose name starts with the letter closest to the beginning of the alphabet has the same favorite letter as the first letter in their name.

*Ryan's lucky number is even.

*Anna's lucky number is either 5 or 15.

*Ryan's favorite letter is the letter that starts his last name.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by rennebelle08/04/05
I like an easy one-- i can do these :oops:

Posted by jajajaja08/04/05
that was a nice easy teaser

Posted by mejoza08/04/05
Nice and easy with some well written clues

Posted by Pop_Qla08/04/05
Nice teaser! Easy, but all of the hard logic grid hurt my head :-? :D

Posted by smyliekat08/04/05
I really likes this one...yes it was easy but you had just the right number of clues and didn't give it all away...great job...keep it up!!! :D

Posted by nathalia08/04/05
Took me a while but I got it.

Posted by cmagana08/05/05
This was an easy one but my only complaint is that if you dont use the logic grid or atleast look at it there is no way for you to know that 3 is one of the favorite numbers.

Posted by lizardqueen08/06/05
this one was ok i ve seen better but it was good

Posted by 86_this_rox08/06/05
i didn't really like it but it was ok. :-?

Posted by gumdrop48008/08/05
it wasnt very easy for my taste, :-? i like that i could solve it, but i like to have to think a little bit more about it.... :-?

Posted by ujniko08/09/05
I know i'm making a comment on my own teaser but oh well. I thought that maybe people would like to have an easy teaser once in a while to solve.

Posted by mskiwi11708/11/05
fun...but too easy

Posted by lilturner54509/11/05
it was really easy. but the thing is, I don't normally use the logic grid solver so I had no way of knowing that one of the number choices was 3 or any of the letter choices so I had to use it to see what was going on :roll:

Posted by amelia63909/16/05
easy and i like the easy ones. but i've seen harder i can finish 8)

Posted by sundaisy22711/14/05
very easy.

Posted by Mellie62708/24/06
That was really easy, but I thought that it was cute. It sounds like something my son and his friends would do to one of their techers. :) Good Job, we all need some thing easy to do every once in a while and this morning I was looking for some thing that was not difficult while I drank my coffee before starting my day. :wink:

Posted by batatis04/14/07
didnt like the last clue lol

Posted by myrnacarey06/22/07

Posted by Zarahemla0503/09/09
Good Teaser. Thanks! :D

Posted by fuzzy101/11/10
Thanks! Very easy, but I liked that you had to look back to the intro to get all your last clue.


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